Who ya top 5 for the bx rn?

2021.10.26 23:58 XxHunkxX Who ya top 5 for the bx rn?

me personally i fw dthang, tg crippy, kenzo, lee drilly, and b love. in no order
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2021.10.26 23:58 plunario Character Sheets for my oc "Mireille" who is the main character of my manga comic/animations. Eventually I hope to publish and also make an animated series out of it :') They are a funky scientist who has nanobot augmentations and can use them to access people's minds and hack into machines.

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2021.10.26 23:58 SquiglyMeenu Hope you enjoy my Hank j cosplay

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2021.10.26 23:58 QuarterlyTurtle Have you ever played the genocide route?

View Poll
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2021.10.26 23:58 bs-rapidinhapoetica Verdes dos meus primeiros textos, espero que ela trabalha. o amor

Sobre seus olhos a olhar o cinza do mar e volta para o Brasil? - Perguntei, impressionado com aquilo tudo. E não vem falar que não é sua, não é minha, atar os cordões de uma vida bastarda. Se eu olhasse para minha direita, eu tinha a certeza – sabia que um dia você foi pra mim.
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2021.10.26 23:58 WillingSalamander How accurate is this article? I've been wanting to develop a food forest in my backyard, but is it really THAT expensive do make? Like it can be anymore costly then getting a new car or something, right?

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2021.10.26 23:58 Tarden1 We need to get rid of Cassie's perfection. She was always meta, all her builds are great, she has no downsides and her only weakness (Long range) was buffed. She has a good amount of HP, medium to small hitbox, high mobility, high burst, good DPS, good CC for combats. She has to be nerfed ASAP

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2021.10.26 23:58 Plenty-Post5258 When Brandon ask out Mandy out and she says yes

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2021.10.26 23:58 gambitt222 A-list Royale!! Whitelisting for Presale is now open!!

A-List Royale has a whitelist and shilling competition for the presale on November 20th, 2 PM UTC via Pinksale.
📷 We have 2 Tiers for the whitelist spot
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2021.10.26 23:58 Atomictrooper Some original scrapbooked photographs of Imperial Japanese sailors I have in my collection. I find the handwritten script next to it absolutely beautiful.

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2021.10.26 23:58 Internal_Reference10 Someone tried to break (or burn?) my lock and don't know what to do

Someone tried to steal my bike by what looks like a combination of odd tactics which lead to the lock to break but the rest of the lock to somehow interlock
The thief then restored to take my front wheel and attempt to attach it to theirs and then left their bike behind as well as leaving my lock in the state of this picture. My guess is someone spotted them and they ran.
I want to know how to open this myself but don't know what tools to use
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2021.10.26 23:58 jprime84 At first I was angry about them getting my order wrong at the Indian Restaurant, but honestly it’s not a big deal.

It’s a naan issue.
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2021.10.26 23:58 Best-Bake-4784 Count your shares and do the math. 💸 This price could be the floor if we BUY & HODL! 🇺🇸🚀🦍💎 #PHUNmoon #Perspective

Count your shares and do the math. 💸 This price could be the floor if we BUY & HODL! 🇺🇸🚀🦍💎 #PHUNmoon #Perspective submitted by Best-Bake-4784 to Phunware [link] [comments]

2021.10.26 23:58 CallMeB30 A question to fellow nurses;

Hi everyone!!
I’m not a nurse, but I know many and I love reading the stories of healthcare workers, which is why i followed this group (thank you for all that you do 💗)
My workplace (non-healthcare related) is offering career programs to keep people in the workplace. They’re offering free tuition for employees to get degree(s) and certifications for in-demand jobs. I’ve worked in hospitals during Covid, helping care and transport patients. One of these free programs is nursing.
While I’ve read the horror stories of working in the hospital due to Covid, (AFTER) this mayhem is over, is it still worth going to nursing school?
I’ll be honest, I’m not fond of working in the ICU, but the maternity ward was my favorite place to work in. I use to discharge a lot of new mommas and see their babies / run patients to D&L 👶🏻❤️
anyone working in the maternity ward, how do you like it? What are the upside and downsides? Was it worth it to you? If i do decide to go the nursing route, Maternity or rehabilitation will probably be my only specializations (unless i have to work in each department).
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2021.10.26 23:58 Know_Your_Shit_v2 [lifehacks] Please help! How do I remove candle wax from my bag? I'm pretty sure it's nylon and polyester.

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2021.10.26 23:58 elanes_future Samurai Doge Giveaway on Twitter! Grab this Samurai Doge #200! Twitter thread link in comments⏬

Samurai Doge Giveaway on Twitter! Grab this Samurai Doge #200! Twitter thread link in comments⏬
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2021.10.26 23:58 jackhorne44 Puppy is ready for a fight.. and belly rubs!

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2021.10.26 23:58 Pale-Check5949 🔥 HybridShiba launched 1 minutes ago 🔥 | 4% Shiba Rewards | DOXXED !!! | True GEM 🚀 | Anti-scam | Huge potential

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Knowing that you can invest in the token and be safe – not having something that is a honey pot or a rug pull based upon the developers history you know you can buy in and be able to trade safely.
Check out the telegram and meet the community. There have been some good laughs along the way. Community is growing fast!
🚀Contract: 0x2b238ee8a249c19efa9916775255a7ff646600f5
🚀 Pancakeswap:https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x2b238ee8a249c19efa9916775255a7ff646600f5
🚀 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x2b238ee8a249c19efa9916775255a7ff646600f5#readContract
🚀 LP LOCKED: https://deeplock.io/lock/0xe97ae8f08b612d1edce14fc3632635980d3decb1
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2021.10.26 23:58 LifelessTales My final week working as a Community Support Worker

A quick intro. My name is Kash. My mother is Pakistani and Urdu is her first language. This will make sense later.
I was attending a one hour shift at an elderly gentleman's house. He was in his 60s and lived alone. He was sitting in the front room listening to music cassettes while I cooked his dinner. Once his dinner was ready I administered his medication and told him that his dinner was ready on the dining table in the kitchen. He went to the kitchen to eat whilst I sat in the front room.
This is where things got creepy. He was listening to american rock songs. Then all of a sudden I heard a lady's voice coming from the cassette player. She said "Tumhaare bete ka naam Kash hai?" (Is your sons name Kash?) this was repeated twice. Followed by the voice of my mother responding to the question by saying "haan" (Yes).
Then the rock music continued to play. I couldn't believe what I had just heard. So I rewinded the tape in several attempts while holding my iPhone next to it, hoping to record a voice memo of what I had just heard.
But I had no luck. Then there was a loud bang sound that came from the corridor. I initially thought that the elderly gentleman had dropped something. Until I saw him stood in the kitchen staring towards the corridor equally as confused as me. At the sight of a radiator on the floor that would have had to have been lifted from its hinges and dropped on the floor.
If things weren't creepy enough, All of a sudden one of the chairs at the dining table dragged across the kitchen. Followed by the elderly gentleman staring upstairs and saying "oh, hi Jim". The floor boards upstairs then began to creak. After hearing that, my entire face went tight and tears of fear just started pouring down my face.
The elderly gentleman walked back to the kitchen to eat his food. So I quickly ran upstairs to see if "Jim" was an intruder. But there was no sign of him. Luckily my shift was nearly over so I lifted the radiator and hooked it back onto the hinges on the wall before I said bye and left.
This was one of my most terrifying experiences. Still creeps me out whenever I think about it. I have had many paranormal experiences. But not one quite like this one.
Thought i'd share this with you lovely people.
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2021.10.26 23:58 magazinethekid Solo Mission | Let's Play Specter! #3

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2021.10.26 23:58 Titanium_Tod Could someone remind me what this coral is called?

Could someone remind me what this coral is called? submitted by Titanium_Tod to ReefTank [link] [comments]

2021.10.26 23:58 Reddit_Helper6463 What makes h3 and other heroes better than aow3 - 6 things

Things H3 does better:
Hero skills/diversity. This can be changed with mods in AoW3, but overall you have access to more interesting skills in Heroes 3.
Town building/development. There are more options when building up a town in Heroes 3 than there are in AoW3.
Feeling of "epicness". This is subjective to me, but to me it feels like the higher end spells and units are more epic in HoMM 3 than in AoW. That said, there are still some pretty badass spells and units in AoW3.
More clearable locations. There are more different treasure sites to clear out in HoMM 3 than in AoW3.
Things AoW3 does better:
Combat mechanics. The combat is much more complex and interesting in AoW3. That doesn't mean that it isn't in H3, but when you consider the HUGE amount of unit abilities paired with more advanced mechanics (attacks of opportunity, flanking, ranged line of sight penalties, etc), the combat requires more strategic thinking each turn imo.
Less "death stack" problem than HoMM 3. While it definitely helps to have a 6-unit stack with the most powerful units you can use, you are still limited to 6 units per stack and 42 units per battle. This means it's much more common to have smaller "guerilla"/scouting forces than you would in HoMM 3. This is especially true since you don't need a hero to have a unit stack in AoW3.
Army Composition variety. In HoMM 3 you usually stick to units of a couple races (to avoid morale penalties). In AoW3 it's not uncommon to have many different unit varieties in a single army. AoW3 also has more overall units.
Unit experience. Not only do heroes gain XP, but units do as well. They get new abilities and some will even evolve into more powerful versions of the unit when they reach "gold" xp.
Diplomacy. While AoW3's diplomacy outright sucks, at least it has some sort of diplomacy. That said, there's not really a "peaceful" victory condition (I don't county Unity victory condition as peaceful).
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2021.10.26 23:58 LqTVN446511167607 I "accidentally" order too may Shiny Zamazenta and Zacian via GAME

Im just gonna randomly make codes comment on this post in the next 3 hour for
- 3 Shiny Zacian
- 1 Shiny Zamazenta
So everyone have equal chance.
p.s. just dont DM me
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2021.10.26 23:58 BeTheStrangeByMegs07 Finally, after 4 and a half months, I finally finish my Netherite Beacon. This in my Japanese Hardcore world

Finally, after 4 and a half months, I finally finish my Netherite Beacon. This in my Japanese Hardcore world submitted by BeTheStrangeByMegs07 to Minecraft [link] [comments]

2021.10.26 23:58 jerebear8000 my girlfriend only is sexually aroused when drinking, this time she thinks it went too far

i’m feeling really gross, but i am also confused by this chain of events.
i am currently in therapy discussing this issue amongst others.
my girlfriend and i have been incredibly on and off for 3 years due to a lot of past events that have transpired. we just left an off period due to an argument that was miscommunicated amongst other things. we recently started speaking again.
the only times she is ever wanting to have sex or do anything sex-related is when she or i or both of us have had stuff to drink. we both acknowledge this is a problem.
after we recently began speaking again, she had some drinks one night and i had not. she initiated sexual activity and since this has been the norm for us, and she was very into wanting to do sexual things, we had sex briefly. after the fact, she felt sick from the alcohol and had to lay down. however, during the time she was coherent, forming sentences, not slurring her words. she just had some difficulty standing for too long and she felt sick.
she texted me and saaid she appreciated hanging out again, but she wanted to resume no contact. she said we should not have had sex as she was too drunk. she said she knows this is how it has been for us sexually but that this time was too far and i should have known better. i called her and profusely apologized, saying that i take accountability and that i feel terrible about what happened and that my headspace was that since this was the usual for us and she was initiating, i went along. she said that it was an issue and that i should be lucky it was with her since if it was someone elese it could have gone much differently. she said that i should have been smart enough and to not do it again. she never once said she felt taken advantage of or assaulted, and said that WE should not have had sex, not YOU should not have had sex with me.
we have resumed no contact, and she unfollowed me on some social media platforms. i am not blocked, and i told her that i would ensure this did not happen again and that i am taking it very seriously. i scheduled emergency sessions to dig into this.
i have hope for us as we have always come back together when we are in better places, and i understand that this relationship is unhealthy and not ideal.
my main questions are opinions and advice on how to handle this. i am already in therapy to get to the bottom of my issues and what i need to do to repir my deep issues.
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