2021.10.26 23:58 PhoePhoethePhotog 🤎

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2021.10.26 23:58 SofisticatiousRattus 3rd Party News & Interests

Windows 10 News and Interests rocks. I get to browse news, see what is going in the world and select my interests to alter my feed.
It also really-really s*cks. It keeps showing you celeb news you didn't ask for. It opens everything in Edge. It opens everything in the asinine MSN proxy aggregator, that literally just copies text from the news sources and passes it for its own. And don't get me started on the reactions feature!
Is there a third party app that combines the good features, but perhaps not the bad ones, and that I could plant on my taskbar instead?
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2021.10.26 23:58 xxsuebooxx Caught at the NC State fair

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2021.10.26 23:58 the_real_papyrus99 4216

4216 submitted by the_real_papyrus99 to CountingTo100Million [link] [comments]

2021.10.26 23:58 jakenister Não sinto mais prazer em viver

É como o título diz, eu simplesmente não sinto mais prazer na vida, sinto que nada que eu fazia antigamente hoje em dia eu gosto ou tenho prazer, não sinto mais felicidade jogando, não consigo mais parar pra ler um livro, começo a ver filmes logo desanimo, sou ansioso demais pra ver séries e não consigo me concentrar, simplesmente não tenho mais felicidade fazendo mais nada. A única coisa que me alegrou durante o período da quarentena foi um amigo que eu fiquei mto próximo e me devolveu a "vontade de viver", porém ao mesmo tempo sinto q fiquei totalmente dependente emocionalmente dele, geralmente só fico bem quanto tô com ele ou falo com ele, esses dias ele quase mudou de cidade e eu quase entrei em desespero tbm pensando como ia lidar. Também imaginei que dps que a covid fosse ficar estável e eu voltasse a sair as coisas iam melhorar, mas não, não consigo mais ter o mesmo pique de antigamente, se saio por 2 fins de semana preciso ficar uma semana toda descansando, além de exigir mto de mim e as vezes eu só queria voltar pra casa e dormir. Estou triste pois estou desanimado, sem ambição, a covid frustrou todos os meus planos, daqui a uns dias faço 18 e é a única coisa que eu ainda tenho um pouco de ânimo, mas dps do meu aniversário nem sei oq esperar, as vezes penso seriamente em acabar com tudo isso, tá tudo extremamente cansativo e eu não aguento mais, oq fazer??
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2021.10.26 23:58 Solarris_ New PC Build Recommendations/Suggestions

Hello everyone, I am creating a list for parts for my dad's computer. His computer broke today and he needs it somewhat ASAP, so I will be using microcenter services for them to build it for us.
For my dad, it would be general office use, but for me, I would play some AAA title games (not a lot though) but mostly for 3d modeling/rendering (Blender, C4D, DaVinci Resolve, After Effects, etc).
Budget is essentially no issue although I would like to lower the cost down (perhaps GPU/CPU)
Here's my pcpartpicker list: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/JGHsz7
Thanks everyone
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2021.10.26 23:58 Hornet_Aware Let's break this wall together. Everyone buy $10 or $25 whatever you can NOW!!!!

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2021.10.26 23:58 abderian2004 Valheim v0.203.11 Multiplayer | GTX1650 | Ryzen 5 4600H | Performance Benchmark Test.

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2021.10.26 23:58 ifallupthestairsalot Orange you glad I didn't say banana

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2021.10.26 23:58 Bumblemushroom Dynamic Issues / cluster fuck of information bc I need help 😅

We’ve been together damn near a year and a half and a D/S dynamic has been a big part of our relationship for the majority of that time. I (19F 40s/60d switch) tend to be the d-type the majority of the time and my partner ( 20 non-binary 90s/10d switch)is almost exclusively a submissive. We have been long distance for all bout 2 months and 2 weeks of our relationship & in their recent 2 month visit here I felt myself drawn further from the sexual side of our dynamic simply out of fear. They will very easily slip into subs pace and can get really deep into and there was a few times where I got scared and pulled back and ended a scene early because of how deep they’d gotten . I no longer really trusted their ability to safe word or be able to let me know when they we needed to slow thing down or anything even when they’d slowly come out and swear they’re okay to continue and want more I couldn’t do it it just made me really really anxious especially because they need so much less aftercare then I do because of my health issues. Sexual scenes just got way too overwhelming and emotionally taxing for me. even though it’s something I want I can’t bring myself to do it anymore which along with some other stuff has changed our relationship a lot. we just kind of stopped being sexual since they went back home probably both because I was feeling so burned out and because they felt me pull away and assumed I didn’t want to continue with sexual stuff or felt rejected . Like I’m talking we’ve had phone sex like once maybe twice and they went back home in the beginning of august when before it would be at minimum 4 times a week but normally more .
They’ve been really really depressed lately and nothing I’ve tried to do has helped them like at all which has made me pretty depressed too because like I used to be a good dom both sexually and non sexually and like they depended on me and I was helpful and made them feel better and now I can’t do that for them like at all .
Tonight I brought up really trying to start things again and focusing on a nonsexual dynamic because they haven’t been taking very good care of themself because of how bad things have gotten recently and they seemed confused as to how it’s a d/s dynamic of it’s not sexual and like I explained things more and they said we can try it out. I just really want to help them be happier and feel alive again and I’m desperately hoping this will help us both feel better at least until they can move out here and I can get them on anti depressants and in therapy & honestly hopefully after too.
question 1: does anyone have ideas on non sexual rules, punishments , and rewards that we may be able to use long distance ?
And more hopefully we will be able to work out the sexual side again and rework that part of the dynamic with clearer boundaries and communication . Since I told them I will not be doing d/s scenes again until we have things better lined out and under control because I didn’t feel like we were doing things as safely and responsibly as I was comfortable with especially because there are things they really really want to try out but I don’t feel comfortable trying without a lot more research and training on how to do it properly safely and responsibly like bondage . I feel like they don’t really take it as seriously as I do and they don’t see the importance of research and workshops as I do . I don’t want to risk anything happening to them . especially with my health issues it poses a lot of concerns to already risky things and I can’t get them to see that I’m terrified that while doing rope-play or bondage I will have a medical episode and fall unconscious or dislocate a joint and they won’t be able to get them self untied if something were to happen and they could get hurt. Or if I’m hurt bc I passed out and hit my head or my shouldehip/ankle dislocates They wouldn’t be able to help .
Question 2: Does anyone have any tips for me to work and process my anxieties about domming that Ive developed because I still feel stuck
Question 3: I very often am submissive and my partner is very very rarely dominant and normally when I’m submissive I kinda dom myself which adds to how drained I get does anyone know of anything that could be helpful for me or us in figuring things out .
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2021.10.26 23:58 kinderbueno12456 Old jeopardy episodes renamed

I have a bunch of old jeopardy episodes that I have recorded that I watch, I used to go by the titles which were the episode date but it looks like YouTube changed the naming convention overnight to seasons/episodes, anyone else notice this? Seems to not match up with the airdates so not sure where I left off!
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2021.10.26 23:58 littlelightbigworld [F4M] SoL Romance | Drama | Couple Plots

Preferring to find a male and someone for romantic, dramatic, couple plots. Before I get into any preferences, I will tell you a little more about me. I am a literate to advanced literate roleplayer, who has been doing so for more than a decade. I can provide you with a paragraph to five paragraphs depending on what you give me and what the scene requires.

I’m looking for someone to bring me their ideas for any kind of plot involving romance, drama, and couples.

A few of my own prompts:
- Best friends who have a moment together at a party in the beginning try to make their friendship return to normal, end up with a boyfriend/girlfriend and get jealous and wind up together. Can they make it work?
- High school to college rivals have a moment at a party in the beginning and become slight friends. Later on, they have another moment at another party and become best friends who won’t admit their feelings for one another.
- Couple in the beginning discovers one or the other is unfaithful, later on the unfaithful one comes back into their life and they work things out.

We can try out any prompt, and if we go long-term and we click, we can also go into multiple prompts together. I absolutely do not mind befriending a good roleplayer and playing more than one prompt out with you.

Exactly how any plot works out – we can talk about together. I have a few ideas I’m willing to throw out there. I’m willing to hear yours, too!

I prefer to RP on Discord, two or more paragraphs, third person.
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2021.10.26 23:58 mcnulty_bpd [Serious] Americans, do you think the 2020 election was in any way modified, or as some would say "stolen", in a way that gave Biden the win? If so or if not, why?

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2021.10.26 23:58 magazinethekid Solo Mission | Let's Play Specter! #3

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2021.10.26 23:58 Queasy-Farm-7989 My (27M) pregnant fiancé (32F) doesn’t want me to go out

So as the title says, my fiancé is pregnant. We typical stay home or do some light traveling and date nights together. However, shes nearing her third term, and typically we just stay at home. I’ve been getting invites to go out with a few buddies. Personally, I’d only intend on having a few beers and not staying out drastically late. I don’t want to leave my fiancé alone too long, she is still working, but she doesn’t want me going out. I still hang out with friends in other activities but apparently this is drawing the line. I don’t quite think its fair, but I don’t want her to feel left out. How fo I navigate or communicate this with her? She tends to have a very emotional reaction at the idea and shuts down. I am ready to give up going out once she’s closer to being due and once the baby is born, but I still value some freedom.
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2021.10.26 23:58 bronxi11 Hackers get into Iranian prison system and leak footage

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2021.10.26 23:58 SkipMcLazy Literally the opposite symbol is the one you wanted here.

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2021.10.26 23:58 ImmediatePancake Kagome and Inuyasha

Kagome and Inuyasha submitted by ImmediatePancake to inuyasha [link] [comments]

2021.10.26 23:58 gambitt222 A-list Royale!! Whitelisting for Presale is now open!!

A-List Royale has a whitelist and shilling competition for the presale on November 20th, 2 PM UTC via Pinksale.
📷 We have 2 Tiers for the whitelist spot
📷 Platinum (Tier 1): First Access to the presale
📷 Gold (Tier 2): Second Access to the presale
📷 Each tier is given limited time before the presale becomes public.
📷 Aside from the tasks given in the whitelist link form, this will add up to the member's points for the whitelist.
📷 Every Referral or invitation gives you one WL point
📷 The higher the points garnered, the greater the chances to be included in the Tier 1 (Platinum) whitelist slot.
📷 Whitelist winners will be announced on November 19th, 2 PM UTC. SHILLING CONTEST:
📷 Top 5 on the leaderboard will receive the following: 1st :
1 BNB worth of $AList Tokens
2nd: 0.8 BNB worth of $AList Tokens
3rd: 0.7 BNB worth of $AList Tokens
4th: 0.6 BNB worth of $AList Tokens
5th: 0.5 BNB worth of $AList Tokens
📷 Winners of the Shilling Contest will be announced after Pancakeswap Listing or once token is launched.

(https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeuLZtBE5ojS9viduX9T624COW7aXl0VJj4baEUa3YqFQ2cPg/viewform)✅WHITELIST PRESALE VIA PINKSALE ON NOVEMBER 20TH, 2PM UTC.

Softcap: 200 BNBs
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Know about A-List Royale!
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2021.10.26 23:58 helloyello123456789 We’re not all very good at designing things. What is the crappiest thing you’ve designed?

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2021.10.26 23:58 sk333ty Did Episode remove a background?

I was scrolling through the art catalog and I can’t seem to find this one bedroom background. It’s the one with a big bed in the middle with a photo on top of it and on the left (your left) is a vanity & the door and on the right are windows. It was Summer Del Rey’s bedroom (clothes off) and also the MC from Rebounding With Bad as well as Summer Wilkins from Jealousy In High Heels INK.
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2021.10.26 23:58 OPENINSANITY94 This Halloween is would've been my 2nd wedding anniversary.

It has been about a year and a half since my marriage fell apart and I still think about her due to the holiday.
I was married to an amazing young woman who I met roughly six years ago. We had dated for 2 years and got married on Halloween. It was both of our favorite. I went all out on horror movies and she was on the more, "Real life is terrifying" experience with watching documentaries on serial killers. This time of year was our time.
About 9 months later, things gotten out of control and eventually she left me for reasons that I can only speculate. I've gotten over most of it but this Halloween would have been the 2nd year of our marriage.
It causing my mind to drift towards her. Our happiest memories, wonder as to where she is and what she's doing, hoping that her life is as happy as she wants it to be. I'm prepared this time to handle any residual emotions that might crop up as last year I wasn't and I handled it horribly since it was still fresh.
I still miss her even to this day. I honestly hope she is happy where ever she is.
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2021.10.26 23:58 ElesseyHere Pish Pish | Leica M6 | Voigtlander 35mm | Lomo 800 |

Pish Pish | Leica M6 | Voigtlander 35mm | Lomo 800 | submitted by ElesseyHere to analog [link] [comments]

2021.10.26 23:58 Fritstopher Men who went bald young, how did it impact how people perceived you.

Title. Long story short I look good with a shaved head and I’m running with it. That being said, men in their young 20s who shaved their head, how did it impact how you were perceived? I am a tall guy and while I’m not muscular necessarily I have a big frame and I’m worried about being seeing as intimidating and non approachable. Is this serious concern or am I overthinking it?
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2021.10.26 23:58 RLCD-Bot [Cobalt Octane] [Octane: Dune Racer] [Black Monsoon] [Cristiano]

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