More SkyDio 2 drone action

2021.10.26 23:55 Wasisnt More SkyDio 2 drone action

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2021.10.26 23:55 carousa [For hire] Hey guys! I do art for books, as well as character design, and sometimes I'll illustrate your pets, if that's what you want! If you want to hire me, contact me at for more information :) my ig @carousa

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2021.10.26 23:55 brandmaster Flat lining on Coinbase?

No price movement for past 5 minutes on CB. Any info? Are we stuck? Crashed?
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2021.10.26 23:55 Dogoguy15 Dog Toy Survey

Hey I am an entrepreneuinventor and I am trying to develop a dog for a toy which better engage his dogs. I have attached a link to a survey which will help me get information about the toy. All answers are appreciated thank you!
Survey Link:
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2021.10.26 23:55 FaithfulGaurdian Is Computer Engineering a "Jack of all trades" major?

Alright, so I've heard that Computer Engineers have only some knowledge of software and some knowledge of hardware while EEs specialize in hardware and Computer Science majors specialize in software.
I know this sounds like a joke but I just watched TRON: Legacy and I want to build a lot of the cool stuff in the movie myself; should I major in Computer Engineering or should I double major in EE and CS?
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2021.10.26 23:55 johnlocklives Sure, let your kids dance and climb on grave stones! Why not?!

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2021.10.26 23:55 Boots779 Got mine at night. Needs to be carved down a bit more though

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2021.10.26 23:55 STARBOY_100 The party’s finished and i want you to know….

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2021.10.26 23:55 swadeblu The deers nibble on it? Central, TX

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2021.10.26 23:55 Romarkable1 Mobile Legends - Zhask Female Version

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2021.10.26 23:55 naomi_frida Do you want cum on them ?

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2021.10.26 23:55 MisterMillwright We need this in Metro Van: 3-D Printed Houses Are Sprouting Near Austin as Demand for Homes Grows - Project would be biggest 3-D printed housing development in U.S.

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2021.10.26 23:55 boofi Hello! Accept commissions now! Thank you!

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2021.10.26 23:55 nobodyimportant1377 I'm just crying my eyes out in class and nobody has noticed 😎

Can't tell if it's because nobody likes me or the fact that i'm great at hiding my emotions, i make literally 0 sound when i cry
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2021.10.26 23:55 violetsky372 I feel like women do not support each other the way that men do

I’m in university and the males in my class organize study groups, participate in the text message group chats while the women are barely present.
It’s to the point that I feel awkward talking in the group chats because I am the only girl in a conversation between ‘Nick, Carlos, Jose, Daniel, Etc.’
The males in the chat have seemed to become friends and support each other while the only messages from girls have been asking for deadline dates and stuff.
I now know that I can’t be imagining things because I have switched majors and this happened in both majors . Any advice on what I should do?
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2021.10.26 23:55 dghjgh How do I add more ram to Minecraft

Returning player, where have they hidden the ram allocation?
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2021.10.26 23:55 dramaticbee123 Walgreens is shit

So I’ve worked at Walgreens for about 6 months after I decided to leave my shitty restaurant job of 2 years. (Take in mind I am 17). Now in our area they’re changing the starting wage to $13/h and they’re not giving any of the current workers the raises. I make $10/h and if I worked full time I would only make around $12,000 a year if you include taxes being taken (I calculated based off of my checks when I worked 40 hour weeks). Like I am supposed to college next year. How is it the expectation for me to be able to pay for college when I make significantly less a year than my tuition?? Why is it the standard that high schoolers make less ?? Does anyone know of any jobs that pay well in retail or the food industry that pay well for minors ?
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2021.10.26 23:55 relentless_bull_ Just moved in - How to turn on tankless water heater

I just moved in and have 0 plumbing experience whatsoever.
My hot water was not working, and I managed to figure out what I’m looking at is a tankless water heater.
The power lights are not on, but the owners were honest and I’m sure it works, I just don’t know if there is a button off or something?
I do have light around the house and the gas stove lights up with flame.
Any idea on how to turn this on so I can have hot water?
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2021.10.26 23:55 Excellent_Heart8563 Any suggestions I'm making an island

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2021.10.26 23:55 Chance_the_Author Delivered just in time for All Souls Day! Thanks Santa's Lil Helper!! 🎃

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2021.10.26 23:55 up_up_and_whatever Oh Well!

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2021.10.26 23:55 ZackTaylor2712 [Recruiting] The High Ground | TH12+ | Clan Level 10 | Warring/Pushing CWL | Independent

Hello! I'm Zackattack, the leader of my clan, The High Ground (clan tag #2YVQ8JJPC.) We're a social and active clan comprised primarily of Australians that are looking for active, chatty and contributing members to join our clan.
We donate quickly, efficiently and selflessly, often boosting super troops just to give them to our clan members. We are a level 10 clan as well, which means a potential extra 2 levels on the donated troops, often resulting in much more effective war attacks.
Currently we are in Crystal 3 in the Clan War Leagues, and we are pushing hard to go further and higher. We have had a streak of promotions in our past, being promoted on 4 consecutive occasions this year. We would love new members who want to get in on this action too! We take the CWL seriously, and have developed a system for attacking that has a very high success rate.
If you are active, chatty, a good donator and serious about wars, join us. We are a very welcoming clan, and it's a brilliant environment to be in. We take things seriously here and we value those who contribute. Hope to see you soon!
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2021.10.26 23:55 anne-shirley Twilight X The OC

I just finished the Twilight commentaries, and also recently finished season 3 of the OC on a rewatch. I know they called attention to Cam Gigandet's arc on The OC, but I don't think they ever noted that in season 3 of The OC, Cam Gigandet, Nikki Reed, and Jackson Rathbone ALL THREE have guest starring roles. Interestingly, another property where the soundtrack/songs used became huge.
Anyway, I agree with the guys that Cam Gigandet has great dirtbag energy, Nikki Reed looks wrong as a blonde, and Jackson Rathbone sucks.
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2021.10.26 23:55 RippityHops The legend Bigdickpartyanimal26 went a little bit to far this time for Twitter

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2021.10.26 23:55 rosey0519 car window

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