Can't control my laugh but this is seriously alarming.

2021.12.04 05:35 ihatehumansss Can't control my laugh but this is seriously alarming.

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2021.12.04 05:35 Kvothealar Best of November 2021! (Announcement Inside)

Hi Everybody!
It's that time again! Let's vote for your favourite challenges from the last month!
Want to see past results? Worried you may miss Best Of when it gets posted?

Best Challenge: Look through the top posts from the past month and nominate your favourite challenges in the comments! The winner of this category will receive a Goldinum award, equivalent to Platinum.
Best Community Challenge: Check out our 500, 1000, and 1800+ community challenge lists in our Hall of Fame from this month, and nominate what you thought were the best ones! The winner of this category will also receive a Goldinum award! Users in this category are also eligible to win the Best Challenge category.
Nomination Requirements: Voting: Lastly: Two users that submit valid nominations will randomly be selected to win a gold award!
I'm also going to announce that after Best Of December 2021, the monthly Best Of will be cancelled indefinitely. It was a good idea in theory, but there was simply never enough participation on them.
We will still honour our commitment that the only eligible contestants for Best Of 2021 will be the winners from our monthly Best Of posts from the past year. We will find a way to change it up for Best Of 2022.
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2021.12.04 05:35 donteatjaphet Is rampardos or floatzel better?

View Poll
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2021.12.04 05:35 lastdigitofpi314 RTMP into Discord?

I don't see it, and assume not. Is there a way to custom RTMP into a Discord voice/video channel. I am using Streamyard and would like to add discord as one of my destinations. I feel like my only option is screen sharing a tab.
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2021.12.04 05:35 KhansStrike1984 Are you a star wars fan?

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2021.12.04 05:35 jcolefan666 I cant wait until Conor becomes champion again. It will be better than the second coming of christ

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2021.12.04 05:35 rrrbbbouchard Puddle of darkness

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2021.12.04 05:35 MonstaCobra Paradox breaks loading problem

So for some reason, whenever i try to load up the paradox breaks, after six seconds of queuing and ‘finding slayers’, it just cancels out and returns me to the hunting grounds screen. Any other hunting ground works and for clarification I’m on a xbox series x. Thanks in advance!
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2021.12.04 05:35 Maulgamer97 New killer gameplay twitch

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2021.12.04 05:35 King_RR13 Question About No Time To Die and the books

I watched NTTD, and I really enjoyed it, so I'm just curious, which book(s) are closest in story to NTTD and are just generally similar to NTTD as a whole? Any input will be great, thanks!
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2021.12.04 05:35 footwit Клопп посетовал на "безумное" расписание

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2021.12.04 05:35 Emberwhile I love my best friend.

I am 45 he is 55. I love him. I want to sleep in HIS ARMS.
He is a rigid and strong hearted conservative Christian
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2021.12.04 05:35 Corposjuh I've never been more calm in my cryptolife

I started investing in crypto in late 2017, made some gains and lost them again. But I never gave up on crypto and kept watching charts regularly.
Every crash I experienced made me feel bad and doubt my decissions.
I've never had as much invested as I do right now in Crypto but for some reason I've also never been as calm during a crash as I am right now.
Knowing in my heart it will all bounce back. Maybe soon, maybe in a few years.
Just hold on tight and take a break from the charts.
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2021.12.04 05:35 MongoAbides The original Miata coupe concept

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2021.12.04 05:35 bells717 How do I heal (21F) from him (25M) treating me bad

Met him when I was 19 and he was 23. I was stupidly blind to all the red flags. I wasn’t great to him but he was worse to me.
Struggling to heal over not even him but I keep thinking about the bad treatment. How could I be so blind…I’m embarrassed even though no one knows how bad he treated me except me. I’m hurt, I feel stupid, and my mind keeps replaying all the bad moments. Making me wish I knew much earlier.
Has anyone else ever been in a situation where they were absolutely blind to the most obvious red flags that he just simply wasn’t the greatest person/didn’t care enough about you. How do you heal from this. I’m mainly embarrassed with myself and feel dumb about being so blind. Please kind responses only. I’m in a tender state lol
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2021.12.04 05:35 aviibabe Hello there

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2021.12.04 05:35 pipalipalou Some of you use the data hub ? If your answer is yes, how do you do ?

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2021.12.04 05:35 EnvironmentalNote867 Reasons for my hypersensitivity when high

Idk why this is happening to me usually I am fine but every now and then like yesterday I am just hyper aware and sensitive.
Just quick explanation I felt my innards like my lungs expanding, the food in my stomach, my heartbeat, random flow of blood. Thought people are watching me and didn’t want to be touched.
My question, why do I have these random shit trips?
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2021.12.04 05:35 feomothar Cersesc o invitatie la RARBG torrent pls

Pot sa ofer la schimb o invitatie la filelist :)
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2021.12.04 05:35 RaferreroXRF Should i clean or just keep replacing my nozzle?

I own an Anycubic 4max Pro which is a very annoying printer to take apart. My printed got clogged for the second time after changing my filament and its IMPOSSIBLE to clean it out cause it wont even extrude anything.
Ive read in an article that i should change my nozzle every 3-6 months. Is this true? Is this the best way to dealwith a clog? Especially because the nozzle is pretty damn cheap
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2021.12.04 05:35 Vasilema Taiwan Vibes moved to the UAE??

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2021.12.04 05:35 ZoolShop 6 big features coming to your next flagship Snapdragon Android phone

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2021.12.04 05:35 Working-Restaurant69 my left foot is completely asleep because of luna’s chosen sleep spot. should I move her or not 🥲

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2021.12.04 05:35 dodongski Trying to figure out caustics is giving me a headache. Tried doing a flatlay render of a bottle with liquid in it to no avail

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2021.12.04 05:35 wavesofcontrast [FORUM] INVICTUS // a dark stray dog rp
Invictus tells the stories of three canine gangs fighting for survival in these sprawling lands of Cegrem City. No one can be trusted, not even your own kind. Fights break out and alliances form, treachery is committed, and then dogs disappear. Will you contribute to the corruption or move against it in your story?
We are is a modern day stray dog roleplay set in a land that features a big city. In Cegrem, challenges await each character around every turn. Three rival dog gangs, humans, diseases, and natural disasters threaten your character's existence. You can choose to join one of the gangs or tough it out on your own. Whichever you choose, don't take it lightly!
Invictus is a brand new canine roleplay! We are an extremely friendly, player-devoted, intermediate writing community where players of all types are welcomed. We value writers who are committed to roleplay and willing to make friends!
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