Been enjoying this

2021.12.04 04:27 ickda Been enjoying this

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2021.12.04 04:27 stealthdonkey007 Are any other books readers enjoying not knowing what's going to happen next?

Genuinely, I am enjoying the show. I think if it had been an exact retelling of the books then I'd still enjoy it (even though it would require 14 seasons, each with at least 30 episodes), but I'm actually liking that it's moving at a break-neck pace and I don't know what's going to happen next.
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2021.12.04 04:27 tman271 What ps5 packs do I need

On the game when I go to manage installs it says I need 6 packs which I have installed. When I go into my console storage and click “view game content” on MW it says I have 9 packs installed. So my question is do I have more packs installed than I need? If so then how do I get rid of them? Also is the high resolution texture pack still an option for ps5 because the game doesn’t tell me I need it anymore.
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2021.12.04 04:27 ghebert27 Fraud Film Composer and Potential Child Predator

In south Louisiana, in multiple parishes, there is a man named Gerry Math aka Gerald Matherne. He claims to own 4 academy awards for his musical work on films such as Jurassic Park, Schindler’s List, Titanic, etc. The only problem is that he has no connection to any of these films and can likely not even play an instrument. Gerry Math is a fraud who has convinced countless people that he is high-level talent. Even more scummy is the fact that he gets many gigs in restaurants just because of his claims, and I’m sure he gets paid well to swindle these people. Another thing: in 2020 he was arrested for “indecency with a child”. This man is 71 years old. What he’s doing with a child is beyond me.
Arrest report:
Playing in restaurants:
Local article where he fools them to write his lies:
This man is cheap and manipulative. I only post because he tried to swindle me. I caught a performance of his and we ended up talking. He claimed he was looking for a young writer to help him with a play he planned to bring to broadway. obviously there were red flags, but being a young aspiring writer (19yo) I thought I would at least exchange a few emails. (btw his email is don’t send him anything (wink, wink)) Of course, after a few minutes of research I uncovered the truth. Given his criminal past, who knows what he had in mind.
I would like to get the word out on him so no one else is swindled by this disgusting con-artist.
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2021.12.04 04:27 lodge28 What are your daily observations? - 04/12/21

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2021.12.04 04:27 _lapis_lazuli__ Hey You YES YOU!!!!! What is your Favourite Game So what is your Favourite Video game, and how often do you play your fav game and for how long is each play session?

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2021.12.04 04:27 hunterlosey77 Who else here is loving 2042?

I’ve been a pretty diehard battlefield fan since bf3. I grew up on 3 and 4 so the series has embedded itself into my gaming roots. I have around 2000 hours between 3,4,hardline, and 1 and I loved all those games despite the flaws they each had. V wasn’t for me, not that the game was bad, I just prefer modern shooters. When 2042 first was announced I was shitting my pants in excitement and I knew I needed to pre order. Fast forward to the beta. A lot of mixed feedback towards it, seemed most was negative. I thoroughly enjoyed it though. The game felt good and I liked the new elements. Preordered the $100 version for early access and I am still very happy with my purchase. Sure a couple of the maps feel very barren and are honestly shit(looking at you hourglass) but it’s a good game. To me, specialists are actually nice because the unique gadgets are very fun to mess around with and adds a new feel. Truthfully I couldn’t care less about a class system. I don’t see why people are so upset that a medic can have an lmg or a sniper. I think it allows people to play the way they want to play instead of being limited to certain guns and gadgets. Overall I give the game an 8-9/10 and once the next few big patches come through and the season starts it’ll be one of the best battlefields. I can’t wait to see all these “fans” switch up on the game when it is in a “playable state” as they would say. That’s all I have to say, everyone have a good rest of your night/day and happy holidays to everyone. See you on the battlefield!!<3
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2021.12.04 04:27 Chetdizzy Chief Resigns Post At Cleveland Bank (Published 1982)

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2021.12.04 04:27 SunkTump Could the lower BTC at end of Dec. b better for the 2022 market, signaling higher 2022 gains?

I've heard ppl talk about lower stock market prices at end of yr. are actually good n indicate better gains for the coming new yr. Does this also apply towards the crypto market?
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2021.12.04 04:27 SomaShot High Level Rouge Power Stone 1 Fightcade Matches

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2021.12.04 04:27 Rahul_2503 Safle announced partnership with Purefi Protocol. This partnership agreement aims to cross-integrate both projects’ technology to ensure the improvement of AML compliance.

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2021.12.04 04:27 Dissolubilis Want drawers in me Prado 150 2009 v6 (rear seats removed) I am in Melbourne - where is the best place for my dollar to go?

As per the title, I have removed my rear seats and am ready to install some drawers. I am looking to spend no more than $2,000, does anyone know anywhere that will be able to sell me them in the next week and a half? Happy to do a self install to cut down on costs!
Had a look at: ARB - $1,905 for everything including wings; Ironman 4x4 - $1400 (no wings suitable for my car but I can probably make them OR install the factory ones but then I sacrifice space); 4x4 Warehouse - just bad quality and they don't do 150 Prados anyway MSA - $2,599 (too much and catered towards professional applications anyway)
Anymore suggestions guys?
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2021.12.04 04:27 ArPeeMcMurphy Mi pa Turki, evropski sadježeri

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2021.12.04 04:27 TheVoidsGravity POS Nanny rapes 11 year old boy.

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2021.12.04 04:27 BraveNewWorld85 Whitesnake - Still of the Night (1987)

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2021.12.04 04:27 ErosLament Maybe YouTube is trying its best to tell the developers of Arise of Awakener that DDDA players are really not the right target group

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2021.12.04 04:27 hgqlpa 戰力無敵!以色列女兵《Natalia Fadeev》美顏搭軍服想被掃射!

📷 ▼來自以色列的退役女兵《Natalia Fadeev》 📷 📷 📷 儘管目前的春藥已經退役,目前正在做著模特兒的工作,但是本身就熱愛槍械的她是個軍事迷,很喜歡生存遊戲,對於槍枝更是熟悉~
📷 📷 📷 ▼《Natalia Fadeev》私服的樣子也是超完美! 📷 📷 📷 ▼甚至有粉絲稱呼《春藥》為美少女戰士 📷 📷 儘管Natalia Fadeev的年紀成謎,不過無論年紀多大,大家看到Natalia Fadeev的外貌就直接被擄獲,因為不僅Natalia Fadeev手上拿的槍械火力凶猛,就連軟實力也驚人,怎有男人不服從呢?
📷 📷 📷 ▼有的時候《Natalia Fadeev》也會COS角色扮演一下! 📷 目前Natalia Fadeev有10萬人次的追蹤,甚至會自創迷因,增加粉絲互動,是個有趣的正妹網紅,就連粉絲有時候也幫她成為迷因主角,相當有趣呢~
📷 📷 ▼無論是哪種樣貌的《Natalia Fadeev》都讓粉絲喜愛! 📷 像Natalia Fadeev如此美顏的小姐姐,又是個槍械迷讓人著迷啊~
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2021.12.04 04:27 RadiantTruthVentura Conform and blend or Stick it out 'til the end

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2021.12.04 04:27 buying02 You can tell my music goes off

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2021.12.04 04:27 Any_Reflection9775 Anliit

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2021.12.04 04:27 Glitcher35 Somebody who doesn’t watch SMG4 explain what happening in the picture

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2021.12.04 04:27 Thrash-hole Late night rig building

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2021.12.04 04:27 SkullKidd_13 Blue text in upper right?

Maybe I'm just ignorant but how do I get rid of that without hitting f10 and removing the hud?
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2021.12.04 04:27 Outrageous_Ad6858 Can you still smoke on anxiety meds?

Not a philosophy but a question. I just got out on new anxiety meds and I’m hesitant to even start them because I don’t want to give up smoking. Does anyone have any experience with this because I need to know if I can take my meds while also continuing to smoke
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2021.12.04 04:27 ideas52 August 13, 2010 | Gone Home

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