what you lot got den

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2021.12.02 12:58 AppieBandz what you lot got den

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2021.12.02 12:58 Xarrow01 #OC LITRO GAS MEME

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2021.12.02 12:58 bavesdffsdsd A man of great wisdom.

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2021.12.02 12:58 RonaldShoe Any advice?

I’m new to card collecting and even newer to hockey, but I’d love to get into hockey cards! Any advice?? (Bruins fan btw)
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2021.12.02 12:58 Vile_Rat_Man Stupid joke builds

I wanted to know if you guys had any joke builds that you like to run when you're just fucking around and to share one of my own.
My favorite joke build is for the scout and it revolves around chaining together as many run speed bonuses as possible to become The Fastest Dwarf on Hoxxes™ I use the plasma carbine with 11311, the zhukovs with 12212, and the grappling hook with 1122 as well as second wind and dash for perks (the rest can be whatever)
Feel free to share any dumb builds you like to use in the comments. Rock and stone brothers!
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2021.12.02 12:58 NewAccountMcGee [OC] Map of Edinburgh, Scotland's rail system (Trams+National Rail) made in metromapmaker.com.

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2021.12.02 12:58 drynionph ✊$RoninGamez – Just got listed in CMC! ⭐ | ⚡ Launching Now on BSC | All NFTs will be out made by lead dev ❤Alex Lopez – in charge of Magic the Gathering, NBA 2k, NFL 2k☀︎ | Revolutionary gaming and NFT eco-system | ☄︎ Liquidity Lock | ☑︎Next x100

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2021.12.02 12:58 Timely-Ad4687 Should I get in touch with her

My first love and I were together for around 3 years before we broke up about 7 years ago, it was a mutual break up as we were quite young and things fizzled out. During the time we were apart she did have a 2 year relationship shortly after she left but that she got cheated on. She did get in touch with me but I tried to stay away from her as I was still healing. In that time I was in another relationship but also got cheated on ironically. My ex however (my first love) did end up getting married but now I have found out she has got divorced recently. I am guessing she's single now if the divorce is fresh, I know its a long shot but she was my first love and I never really forgot about her, even though we haven't been in touch for years do you think there could still be a chance for us to be together again? Should I try adding her on social media, if so how long should I wait?
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2021.12.02 12:58 imposingthanos Good therapists in this area for someone with severe anxiety

Title says most of it, looking for a therapist in this area because my anxiety has gotten a little bit too much to handle and I feel a therapist could help. I just don’t know anyone in the area.
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2021.12.02 12:58 fan_tas_tic The only underwater room in the United States is in a "dive-in" hotel

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2021.12.02 12:58 amnesiac7 Former Minnesota school principal sues, alleging retaliation over rainbow flag in support of LGBT students

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2021.12.02 12:58 BleedGreen131824 Color Theory vs. The Wendy Theory

Recently I was arguing about the Wendy Theory with someone and it felt like it took a lot of liberties and assumed many things we aren't shown in the movie. I do feel there is a lot of things not shown in the movie but I think it's for a different reason.
My current theory is that there are different psychic visions from Danny and Halloran, possibly The Overlooks point of view, reality and scenes from Jack's head or possibly from his book all happening at the same time in the Shining and they are assigned colors on screen to let keen viewers in on what we are seeing, I also think light switches and light fixtures play a role in deciphering this. Throughout the entire movie though Kubrick puts this together into a cohesive narrative that somewhat follows the book. So think of it as 5 movies from different points of view including Wendy possibly.
The first bit of red we see is cars in the Overlook parking lot and on the Native portrait before we walk into Ullman's Office. Ullman has The Red Book on his desk titled The Red Book (The whole Carl Jung connection is explained in other people's theory videos) and Ullman is wearing a Red Jacket and white shirt with Red Stripes. Plus the US Flag is on the desk adding red. Later in the movie he is wearing brown, I don't think this is coincidence. I believe whenever we see red on screen we are seeing a vision that Danny is having. (Yes I know I've skipped over Catcher in The Rye and the glasses that both Danny and Wendy are drinking out of. I believe both are foreshadowing clues and not smoking guns).
I think the scene where we pass the door with the Dopey sticker that has red instead of green is the main indicator that there is a color scheme to the movie. We haven't met Dick Halloran yet and later on I will show that I believe his color of his psychic visions is green and this is why Dopey appears red and not green. Not that we are in one of Danny's hallucinations at this point but I believe he is hallucinating in his head after we see the Dopey sticker. In his head he is seeing more red, the hotel lobby filling with blood.
Next we are in reality (I think) and as Wendy leaves Danny's room to talk to the doctor we see no sticker on the door. This perhaps is us being sent back to reality? I believe for a moment we are in reality but as Red becomes a prominent on screen color again in Wendy's shirt I think Danny is witnessing the conversation. The book on the table says "The Wise Child" and it is in several shots and very readable so I think that is the director saying we should trust Danny's visions more than anything else in the film.
When we go back to The Overlook we do see hints of red when Danny is not around but it's like a Coke can, but nothing prominent. Then we see red darts prominently right before Danny sees the twins and above the twins is a red fire bell (possibly unimportant).
I'm not sure all instances of red are supposed to mean we are seeing Danny's psychic abilities, depends on prominence and shade of the color. The red snowcat makes sense because this plays a big part later and Dick's borrowed red snowcat is also red later on.
There are musical cues as well, certain eerie music I think clues us in to we are not in reality for a moment. I believe in the scene where Halloran is talking to Wendy in the walk in and we see reappearing and disappearing red kool aid we are in Danny's head for a few moments.
I definitely think Blue is another major color that means something or someone's point of view but I'm not exactly sure who. Brown as well I believe indicates something like possibly a natural state, like reality. In the following scenes Danny is on a red tricycle, we see this tricycle 2 other times when Danny is not on it and both times it appears to not be red. When he is on it and it's red I'm assuming we are seeing either Danny in a state of roaming around in a psychic state or we are seeing one of his psychic premonitions of what he will be doing at the Overlook from before he ever went there. As he seems to drive effortlessly without knowing the place very well but has a definite direction he is heading.
Wendy appears in a red jacket as Jack stares over the maze but in the next scene is prominently wearing blue. The vision of the twins is prominently blue. It's not clear yet which color is assigned to which character's mind.
This is the part I find most confusing is Wendy walks into the room with Jack and has a prominent Blue dress but very bright red boots. We are possibly seeing visions from two characters at once or seeing Danny's vision and reality at the same time. This is the scene where I believe for a moment we are in Jack's head or possibly his book where he snaps at Wendy but when he does snap the chair that was previously in the scene is gone. The camera possibly clues us that most of this scene is in Jack's head as it slowly pans from behind him and gets closer before the scene starts. I believe the "What do you want me to do" line is not said aloud by Jack. At the end of this scene Jack snaps but again his hair is all out of place and he looks crazy and we see his torn up paper on the floor as Wendy walks away. The next moment Jack looks fine and has the paper back in his typewriter. I assume that most of that conversation did not happen but was what Jack wanted to say leading me to believe that blue is possibly what the hotel wants to happen? or Jack's mind? or partially reality?

We next see Danny on the red tricycle, sees the blue twins in a blue hallway. The next scene in front of the unplugged TV. If you watch, it looks like Wendy is possibly not even watching the TV that she is reading a book in her lap which we can't see. It's very subtle. I think what we are seeing on the TV is only what Danny sees in his head as the TV is clearly unplugged. Like how he can see traces of a places past. I think this would help make sense of that seen.

When we go to the next seen everything is blue, Jack is wearing blue and he has a semi-normal conversation with Danny. I believe we purposely don't get to see if there is a light fixture on the ceiling in the little hall coming into the apartment because in some scenes that light is not there and it is in others. This muddies whether we are in reality or not but because the twins are blue and some hallways are blue I'm assuming that the prominent blue that Jack is wearing clues us in to something.
When Danny comes downstairs from Room 237 I think again we are seeing multiple timelines almost as some of the rugs are there and then not there. Again I think we are partially in Jack's head. Where he is being accused of hurting Danny I think is his subconscious telling him that Wendy is blaming you for this because he doesn't get into any outright arguments directly with Wendy saying anything about her blaming him for hurting Danny in room 237. They only discuss later the possibility that Danny did it to himself.
Halloran has a green prominent poster in his room above him right before he has his psychic vision. Then we go into Room 237 and it's green. I believe this is what Halloran is seeing and it's kind of a metaphor for the hotel seducing Jack. I think the reason that there is a cut and we see the same woman rotting in the bathtub for a moment is that psychic-ly we are seeing Danny's vision of what is going on in that room at the same time as we see him in bed in red shaking. Also I think that this scene didn't happen to Jack, I think it's all a metaphor for the hotel seducing him which is why he comes back to his room so non-chalantly after seeing a ghost rotting corpse naked woman.
When Jack comes into the bedroom we do see a light fixture in the hallway which I'm assuming is a clue we are in reality (maybe) because we did not see the light fixture early on in the film in that hallway but also Danny was not there, so at that point earlier we probably were seeing that scene through Danny's clairvoyance.
Sorry to ramble, some important points for the end: Light switches outside Ullman's office represent we are now seeing reality and not one of Danny's visions as Jack destroys the radio.
Halloran I believe was called by Danny through telepathy to come quickly. We next see the crashed red volvo bug which has been said to state to movie goers this is not the same as the book. (In the book the family has a red bug but in the movie it's yellow). Another example of red's importance.
We next see Danny in red and Wendy in green. Following that we see the blue typewriter and Wendy is looking at Jack's work and is only frantic when blue is in the shot. I believe Jack thinks she is seeing some of his work and she thinks it's shit. Because from behind when we see Jack looking at her she does not appear nearly as frantic. I think this plays into the whole Jack thinks he's being held back by his family and he does not have Wendy's full support.
We all know what happens next, I'm not sure if because we see no light switches if we are in reality when Jack is dragged into the freezewalk in, two switches are missing from the wall. When Jack is in the walk in talking to Grady we clearly see Kool Aid cans again indicating Danny is witnessing this. If Jack is let out of the walk in then it is one of the few supernatural events that occurs unless Halloran possibly in reality lets him out and events unfold differently than we are shown. Maybe we are seeing the ending as a psychic vision from Danny of how the whole event could have unfolded. Halloran had to know he was going to die but came anyway which is why in some scenes we see the snowcat parked in a different position. No matter what he comes to the hotel and dies and that is the escape vehicle.
I think overall that every shot in the movie that is overly saturated in red possibly does not actually happen in reality. One of the reasons being that the hotel elevators filled with blood are metaphorical and not an actual event.
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2021.12.02 12:58 blankslate123469 [US] [H] NES Classic and SNES Classic [W] Paypal

NES Classic $150. Comes with an extra controller and 2 extension cables.
SNES Classic $200. Only comes with one controller.
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2021.12.02 12:58 jdyahoo88 Koolxmastoons 1998 - Christmas with The Harry Balz Orchestra

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2021.12.02 12:58 MacDaddyX12 I have a 401k from an old employer. As a beginner here, where should I be transferring those funds (<6k USD)?

This is for an account with VALIC/AIG retirement services that I no longer qualify to contribute to. Should I create a new 401k and start contributing there or move this into my first traditional IRA. I know I can't put this into a Roth IRA and my current employer doesn't offer any contribution matching to a 401k. Thanks for any help and sorry if this belongs somewhere else! Just glad to have found this subreddit.
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2021.12.02 12:58 Engineer2309 Do I owe my company for training/hiring me?

Hi All,
I am a 2021 college graduate. I got hired in an IT company through campus placement. I have zero skills related to my job and therefore, they are training me. The in-hand salary for 1st year is 347$ per month (the average salary in my country is 428$ per month). I recently came to know through a friend that they collect data about the time spent on the company laptop and how it's spent (I guess this is common). But what shook me is that after training, the project (there are some projects which would ensure great career opportunities while some would be automated in the near future) I would be allotted will be based on this data. I told my parents if this was true I would quit my job as this is micromanagement but they told me that since I am getting paid so I have to do what the company says and also I owe them for hiring me.
I am grateful that they hired me but if it's to be corporate simp I rather quit and re-skill myself (I'm 22 and have a lot of time). Am I being an entitled prick? i would love to hear your perspective.
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2021.12.02 12:58 np24x2art Street by me (@apinopi_art)

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2021.12.02 12:58 Easy-Ad-6793 What does 2c-b feel like?

Is it just visuals without being mentally impaired? Like how when acid and shrooms make you think different and act different know what I mean
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2021.12.02 12:58 AdiChir Hello everybody! I create videos of spiritual subjects. It will mean a lot if you want to subscribe and like/share/comment. It will be a great support for the future of the channel. Have a nice day 😊

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2021.12.02 12:58 Angelsousa2000 MC Henny, Bella Angel e Melody - No Batidão (kondzilla.com)

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2021.12.02 12:58 pyschoalphadiscobeta Evander Kane Allegedly Points Gun at Estranged Wife Anna on Video

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