Take your idiotic, anti-vax, Smart Car back to Ontario. Losers.

2021.12.02 13:34 Ordinary_News_6455 Take your idiotic, anti-vax, Smart Car back to Ontario. Losers.

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2021.12.02 13:34 Shot_Detail_8762 RIP to a true OG leader: LaBelle

taken from us too soon
RIP king
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2021.12.02 13:34 ReplacementFlimsy767 Reshiram! 9648 6060 8255 adding 10.

9648 6060 8255
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2021.12.02 13:34 BabaYaga2221 Joe Biden on Abortion

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2021.12.02 13:34 AkainuGianni Does the A40 TR + Mix amp PRO work with both consoles?

I'm looking in to some new pair of headphones.. but i cant decide which i should get.
I have both PS5 and Xbox Series X.
So finding a headset which works for both is very hard imo...
so my question: Does the mix amp PRO Xbox version works with the ps5?
I couldn't find my answer on ytb or other forums.

Help a Gamer out! Thanks in advance!
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2021.12.02 13:34 MunsterRugby Video | Introducing The Academy โ€“ Daniel Okeke

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2021.12.02 13:34 itshimstarwarrior Definitely I noticed Spiderman first!

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2021.12.02 13:34 Grizzly_228 Thinking to add something else to my topical Min

I take Min 5% from my pharmacist and was thinking to add something on my own. In particular:

Contains essential oils of: mint, peppermint, eucalyptus, orange, anise, lemongrass, lemon, fennel, cajeput, pine needles, rosemary, crepe mint, cumin, garlic, thyme, cinnamon, carnation, wintergreen, juniper, dwarf pine, dill , sage, menthol, rosewood, mace, ginsec, violet, myrrh, galangal, benzoin, lemon balm, vanilla.
What do you think? Is it a good idea?should I had something else?
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2021.12.02 13:34 Stormwind157 Made a TLDR for job changes for a casual friend, sharing because bored waiting for Endwalker

DISCLAIMER: This is not a complete exhaustive list of all the changes and is subject to mistakes. READ YOUR ACTION TOOLTIPS PLEASE :D. I made this for a friend who doesn't play every job and doesn't know all the move names by heart, but cares enough about the game to know how it changes each expansion. If I made a mistake, kindly point it out and I will do my best to adjust. I did this in a rushy fashion to get to work on time but still get the point across.

I did not go over every change, such as the damage value squishes or anything like cooldown timer related because it has been stated multiple times the damage squish and timer consolidation were coming across the board. Just some notes about the new moves and changes to existing moves that will in some way change rotations or fight mentality.

Paladin is the 5th healer, cures itself with almost any magicky cast and can put regens and shields on others, as well as got a bunch of aoe moves. Paladin is gonna be thicc. If you die with a Paladin tank, that tank needs to git gud. (jk, kinda)

Warrior didn't dramatically change, but does shield others more. Gets the damage buff they got from the Storm's Eye combo from Aoe combo too. Skills that let you cast moves for free under a timer now get defined number of uses. Also cures others more than it did, but not to Paladin's degree. Wanted to be Paladin, and did the best out of the other tanks to do so.

Dark Knight is almost completely unchanged, a couple more big hitting attacks and a Heart of Stone type move. Skills like Delirium have number of uses now instead of a timer. Paladin is the poster child now, so bai bai my guy.

Gunbreaker got dummy thicc move that costs 2 gunpowder and a move that can heal someone for 900 potency if they take more than 50% damage. Can hold 3 Gunpowder. Still probably the best single target dps tank.

Tank overall changes- The movement skills and ranged attacks can be used from 20 yalms up from 15 and no longer break combos, and most tanks got a lot of healing for themselves and others added to thier kit and more skills to defend teammates.

White Mage in general, cures more with cures and regens than before. Moves that provided casts without MP or shields get 2 charges. The placeable Lily heals everyone when it detects someone taking damage in its range. Holy III, because why not. Fixes your booboos better than before.

Scholar in general, shields shield for more of a % of the amount healed, and cures and regens are overall lower than before. Definately in the prevention category now. Smacking the ground does dummy good aoe damage now. Makes people run fast.

Astrologian drawing cards now has a charges, Redraw seems to be infinitely castable? Divination is a straight up party wide damage buff, no cards. Astrodyne is the new move to replace the card buffs. Having all 3 card types gives a regen, attack speed increase, and damage dealt increase. Earthly Star is big as all hell now. If you don't stand in it, you're stupit. Minor Arcana now just draws a Lord or Lady every 60 seconds, Lord deals damage, Lady heals everyone. Intersection has charges and still gives a Nocturnal shield. Got moves that decrease allies damage taken, and can compile damage taken by everyone, and heal allies for a portion of the damage compiled. Astrologian is dummy thicc now.

Sage revolves around selecting a dance partner of sorts and uses damaging moves to give them some cures in addition to having regular cures. Stole Scholars shields in that they can double up a single shield with a crit. Can take away shields from allies to heal them. Has moves that are like a regenerating barrier that reapplies after it's been destroyed a certain number of times. Has a lot of moves that reduce party member damage taken. Seems to be a class that flows between heal and barrier states as needed. Seems to have a large number of moves with cooldowns. Seems like it's a high action per minute job with a lot of micromanaging changing who your partner is to be MP efficient.

Healer overall changes- A lot of casts that were 2.5 second casts are now 1.5 and feel like Astrologians casts before, letting you weave a lot easier and increasing mobility across the board. Aoe moves that cost 600 MP now costs 400, do moar deeps! The barrier healers can't stack thier shield types, but they seem to be able to stack with pure healer shield types of all kinds.

Monk got rid of a few moves dependance of flank or rear, only the combo enders are positional now. Got rid of stance fists. The aoe combo also grants the damage buff they got before from the single target combo. Perfect balance has 3 uses in a use and has 2 charges. Gets all sorts of new free form combo-ness with Beast Chakra, given by using the new Perfect Balance. Various combinations of chakra allow different moves that do damage and allow you to use any combo move while also opening Solar and Lunar Nadi's. Having both Nadi's open and full Beast Chakra unlocks a big boi move. Overall, a very freeform job and some major changes to how Monk's rotation operates under different situations. Monk is gonna be dummy thicc.

Dragoon gets charges to Life Surge and Spineshatter Dive. No longer has a timer to upkeep Blood of the Dragon. Does dummy thicc more Aoe damage through a variety of aoe buffs. Overall rotation seems unchanged, gets stronger version of existing moves, and a new type of buff to stack to unleash another new aoe move.

Ninja gets a move that just straight up gives Huton. Still uses Armor Crush to upkeep, the new move is a DPS loss to use past applying Huton. Meisui buffs Bhavachakra to be thicc. New move usable under Bunshin. If spammable, it's thicc. Doton is a better aoe damaging skill in the long term with a new move that deals more damage when using a variety of other aoe moves in the poop. Changes aren't crazy dramatic, but aoe will revolve more around making Doton a priority. Raiton gives the big new move that goes in and out.

Samurai both single target and aoe combos give the buffs associated previously with the single target combo. No more Third Eye extensions. Meikyo Shisui has charges, and using the combo ender of each combo chain grants the buff associated with it's combo, which is thicc. Big boi Kenki spenders cost half as much. Tsubame Gaeshi has charges. Gets an aoe Shoha. Gets a new big boi aoe combo with a new stackable resource. Overall not changed too much other than getting charges and quality of life changes.

Reaper can put debuffs on targets that increases how much damage the Reaper does to the target. Can teleport forward and back and leave a portal to return to for movement. Seems to kind of want to attack in such a way that it raises the job gauge so that the Reaper's avatar can get attacks in alongside the Reaper, with the Avatar's abilities being weavable and the Reaper's not. Rotation will be mainly about maximizing job gauge gains to have access to as many weaves as possible.

Melee DPS overall changes- Some leniancy on positionals, but all 5 still have them. Ranged attacks can be used from further and no longer break combos.

Bard DOT moves and songs now last 45 seconds. Bloodletter and Rain of Death has charges. Quicknock can trigger Shadowbite instead of Rain of Death. Songs now have an 80% chance to give repetoire instead of 40% from dot ticks, which is DUMMY THICC. Bard gets the damage and direct hit buffs from thier own songs finally. Mages Ballad Repetoire decreases Bloodletter and Rain of Death recast charge cooldown. Barrage can now be chosen to empower Shadowbite for aoe purposes. Gets more damage buffs for the party and an aoe combo ender. Overall Bard got some much needed buffs. Bard is Thicc.

Machinist Reassamble gets charges. Other than that, Machinist is exactly the same as before. New Queen combo ender and aoe moves. Boring, but Machinist was thicc before, so still thicc.

Dancer Using either the single target or aoe variant of the base combos can grant the proc of the other type and are linked. (IE- Cascade (red single) and Windmill (Yellow aoe) both proc Reverse Cascade (green single) and Rising Windmill (Yellow/Blue aoe), Let's the job be more freeform. Devilment also provides access to a new move. Technical Finish gets a new move to use after it that acts like using standard step without actually dancing for it. Flourish also grants access to a new move. Improvisation heals nearby allies over time and can provide a shield. Big boi aoe move added. Esprit is gained gradually with personal skill use, instead of being randomized. Dance partner is still randomized to gain Esprit. New additions are nice.

Ranged DPS overall changes- Outside of Bard, nothing really crazy.

Black Mage Sharpcast has charges. Triplecast got charges. No more Enochian upkeep. Overall Black Mage got simplified and a lot easier to just vibe and feel the flow of big chungus damage. Didn't change much, just going to feel better and have a lower barrier to get into.

Summoner is Finally an actual Summoner and rotates through summoning thier 3 Egi's to do damage. No more Dot's. Ifrit does more damage and gets two stacks of attunement, which are used to cast single and aoe spells, followed by Titan, than Garuda, who both get 4 attunement. Single and Aoe spells change dependant on current Egi. Ifrit casts have a cast time, but Titan and Garuda don't. Dreadworm Trance gives access to more pwerful version of single and aoe for 15 seconds. A new move gives a specific move dependant on the summon that's out. Summoning Bahamut seems to coincide with Dreadwyrm Trance. Bahamut can only Ahk Morn once now per summon, but it's thiccer. Phoenix is a better regen healer than before. Like Bahamut, can only mega move once, but it's thicc. I am overwhelmed by how many moves this job has now, but I feel like a lot of them compress into each other at various levels. So much on the page and I am tired of looking at this page. Will most likely make a lot more sense in the game than it does on paper.

Red Mage Movement moves get charges. The non-backflip move gets the same potency as the backflip. Overall, spells generate less white and black mana, but melee combos also cost less mana. Embolden just gives straight damage up, no fall off. Acceleration can increase the damage of some aoe spells in addition to getting charges and its previous effect. Manafication increases damage done by your spells for a time and gives you 50 white and black mana instead of doubling current mana. Has a shield for allies and a straight line aoe move after Scorch. Lot of quality of life changes, but nothing major.

Caster DPS overall changes- Nothing really crazy other than Summoner being an eyesore. Will probably be easier to understand in the game, because on paper, it hurts my face.
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2021.12.02 13:34 Secret-Shock-8184 Possible solution for new accounts in ps3

Ok im not trolling this time. So there's a fix for old accounts:
"...or has the PSN tag changed to the original tag, you won't be able to save your MP progress."
If you change your tag back to the original, it will work.
So what if you change your new account tag to some random tag from before the update? I bet there's a lot of old tags not being used
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2021.12.02 13:34 dontdoxxxme Van Lathan: Kanye Doesn't Want "Free Speech", He Wants "White Speech"

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2021.12.02 13:34 SeleneGoddessxo I love my new curves

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2021.12.02 13:34 Microsoft3dgy Reshiram on me 4914 4421 6611 and 6189 5121 9090

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2021.12.02 13:34 Jazzlike_Sir9888 Hey people! Can someone help me in my chart? Is it showing something about my Health/Relationships? And what it say about my career? I have both Jupiter and Sarurn in the 10th house what does that mean?

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2021.12.02 13:34 Totalwink [Christmas] What if Krampus replaces Santa? Instead of being good for Santa, kids need to be good so they donโ€™t get kidnapped and devoured my Krampus? How would Krampus replacing Santa as a holiday figure change things in regards to movies and TV? Would marketing the holiday be different?

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2021.12.02 13:34 Aliciousness7 Entry Denied

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2021.12.02 13:34 tuckstruck Another beautiful day in the Colorado Rockies. No phone signal but great Starlink ๐Ÿ‘

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2021.12.02 13:34 Jubileum2020 Northern light and Fireplace for perfect Relax time - Oceanwave and firescrackling

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2021.12.02 13:34 MunsterRugby Update | Champions Cup Player Registration

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2021.12.02 13:34 zzill6 Don't Like It? That'll Be $1.98

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2021.12.02 13:34 QuintyAss Who wants to jerk off to her?

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2021.12.02 13:34 Paradosiakos We have been beaten lads

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2021.12.02 13:34 BDEfan88 i see no difference

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2021.12.02 13:34 Aerolithe_Lion My FXIV Endwalker Checklist

Yesterday, these are the steps I took:

  1. Desynthesized all my belts
  2. No belts on the Market Board
  3. Made a large variety of level 75-89 Healer and Dragoon gear. If Dark Knight is any indication, those are going to sell like hotcakes at insane markups
  4. Hired 7 bonus retainers (just for a month or two). 180 items on the MB at a time. I have a strong feeling everything will be in demand, particularly StB and ShB Hand levequest items.
  5. Finished leveling my Dragoon and Healers at least to 70 to coincide with Sage and Reaper gears and no lower level clutter
  6. Set alarms on my phone for 2:45 and 3:00 AM
  7. Opened up 2.5 of my 4 inventory bags so I can just splurge on the MSQ and not worry about it
  8. Made sure to end with 2,000 poetics, 2,000 allegory, and as much revelation as I could.
  9. Met a girl at the bar on Tuesday who thought she had COVID.... so we slept together. I'm on sick leave until the 8th

What else did you work on?
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2021.12.02 13:34 Assistant_Abject Whatโ€™s a technology that hasnโ€™t improved in a long time that needs to improve?

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