Sabino Canyon Night Hike 12/2/21-6:30-9:30 PM

2021.12.02 13:06 bfavfc Sabino Canyon Night Hike 12/2/21-6:30-9:30 PM

Crosspost from the groupme
Meet at the ramada at the Sabino Canyon Visitors’ Center by 6:30pm. I’m thinking the Phoneline Trail out to Redditors’ Rock, perhaps looping down to the canyon floor on the way back? We can get down to brass tacks in person. Either way, it should be a low-to-medium-difficulty hike on the order of two or three hours. All are welcome!
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2021.12.02 13:06 Orcloud [Holostars/ Hanasaki Miyabi] Which FF14 Jobs Suit Holostars? (ENG SUB)

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2021.12.02 13:06 CoralFish2010 Does someoane has this .nds file or this webpage archived?

I've found recently about a Pokemon Platinum rom that whas actually a Rickroll.The thing is that I tried to find the rom but didnt succeded.I tried WebArchive but it didnt work I searching on google but didnt found anything.Does somebody still has the rom or a way to get it?
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2021.12.02 13:06 Jaffa420 AWEMINUS - FUCK URSELF

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2021.12.02 13:06 stickyhotdog My lil orchid just bloomed My lil orchid just bloomed submitted by stickyhotdog to orchids [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 13:06 VanOmelette What’s the best horse?

The Saint Denis Stables Arabian, White Arabian or Rose Grey Bay? Someone said it’s the White one, but my friend said it’s the Rose Grey Bay. (Pls help I’m so confused rn)
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2021.12.02 13:06 aerde17 gotta love infinite elixir

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2021.12.02 13:06 Iron-Mike-Tyson What could be causing this problem (ender 3 pro)

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2021.12.02 13:06 camhabib A quiet place to sit

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2021.12.02 13:06 Sonobeats-music [FREE] Pain Emotional Type Beat | Rod Wave Type Beat "Soon To Be"

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2021.12.02 13:06 hapoo123 For being from Philly DOOP Twitter is really fucking soft

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2021.12.02 13:06 thatscrazybossman [NA]Trying out ADC for ranked on alt accounts, looking for support duo (any rank below diamond)

Looking to ranked duo botlane with people, got accounts for pretty much all mmrs except above diamond. I kinda play for fun and not get upset about bad games, but still definitely trying my best to win, so hmu if you're looking.
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2021.12.02 13:06 obvThrowaway0000 Banded external hemorrhoid??

Okay guys so I’m so confused, I have one external hemorrhoid and my gastro offered banding, it’s been one month after banding and I’m still in pain and nothing has changed with the hemorrhoid. The procedure itself was extremely painful. They want me to come back for two more. Everything I read online says you can’t band an external hemorrhoid, anyone have any experience with this?
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2021.12.02 13:06 rustlogan Someone came looking for my attention

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2021.12.02 13:06 Seilbahn_fan Maybe just maybe its overused

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2021.12.02 13:06 DustyFrito 2022 Outback Wilderness

Had anyone done any significant upgrades???? I’m really wanting to upgrade my intake….
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2021.12.02 13:06 gemignani Purchases from EU, paying UK VAT (ebay)

Hi all,
I'm located in England. I have purchased a PC part (CPU) from for €260 + €2.62 from a German seller. I have received a letter that I have to pay £52.69 VAT+Import Duty+Fee. I was expecting something like that, but I've noticed that the same seller sells the same item in for the exact same price and the listing says "VAT included".
Item was sent via DHL that transfered into parcelforce in the UK and took 1 week so far.
The seller created an invoice with VAT = €0.00, so it means the seller is just ripping people off by pocketing those German 19% VAT and forcing non-EU / exports to pay more.
I haven't paid the charge yet and I sent two messages to him, no replies. Is there a way I could force ebay / paypal / amex to help with this situation / punish seller for this practice?
Thanks for any opinions!
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2021.12.02 13:06 framedfilip How do I make map that you cant copy on Google maps ?

Hello I have map of abandoned places but people that I share it with can copy the map. Is there any way to make uncopyable map ? (I want to make it premium for my supporters)
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2021.12.02 13:06 red_fury617 White Mountains in NH

I'm planning on getting up to the White Mountains next weekend. I'm hoping to ski one day and snowshoe the other. Has anyone been up in the White lately? Is there enough snow for snowshoes or am I looking at more of a hike?
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2021.12.02 13:06 clip_mirror_bot Another InvaderVie?

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2021.12.02 13:06 Moneyy35 [q] What is the best thing to do with simple golds?

I just pulled one, don't know if i should sell or keep it for investment
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2021.12.02 13:06 Pelicanswag22 Hold at Fordham :/

Does anyone have any experience or any insight on this? Is it possible to receive an A after being put on hold :( I want to think it's a good thing I was put on hold this early in the cycle but who knows.
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2021.12.02 13:06 cesaqui89 Mascotas en San Carlos

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2021.12.02 13:06 BirdBurnett On December 2nd, 1960, Def Leppard bassist Richard Savage was born.

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2021.12.02 13:06 Snoo_12820 Bets on her next meltdown?

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