Still loving the color 😍.

2021.12.02 13:04 bigdsoftv Still loving the color 😍.

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2021.12.02 13:04 Pretanfighter İ need help about my career path

Hey everyone,
So currently I'm an engineering student (college) in the field electrical engineering. I'm interested in e-mobility and want to work in that field. But the thing is, İ don't know where to start. Have you got any advice for me?
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2021.12.02 13:04 Dadou691 quelqu’un a le whatsapp de H12 ? 🙏🏽

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2021.12.02 13:04 dreambringer1 Linda Cardellini

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2021.12.02 13:04 deaf_musiclover There is something about these songs that hit the sweet spot between chill and upbeat. Suggestions welcome.

New Scream by Turnover
Remember When by Wallows
Topanga Lawrence by Charmer
Burn by Danny O’Callaghan
I’m bad a naming genres and I know I threw a curveball as some of these artists are not really similar but hear me out. All of these songs capture that perfect spot between chill/introspective and upbeat. Some may be more poppy, others may be more heavy, but there is something similar in all of these songs that I desperately want more of.
Bonus track: been really getting into more early Coldplay recently. Clocks and Vida la Vida are my favorites so far. So anything like that would be great.
Thank you and sorry for any formatting issues. I’m on mobile.
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2021.12.02 13:04 Adventurous_Ad1477 Kids snarky about my doll usual

I recently bought a couple (okay, four) of Biggers by Berjuan out of Spain. I find them quite delightful and they’ve really grown on me. My very beloved adult daughters are less than impressed, and keep throwing shade at me. ☹️ I don’t know why I find dolls so interesting, other than they represent people, they are an art form, there is a long history of Dolls from a cultural perspective, and then there is the whole aspect of design and marketing and popular culture...and for me, they are just fun. My girls don’t get nor appreciate these things. It is intriguing to me that we are all attracted to different things...the Rainbow High, and I do have one of them, just don’t do it for me...but I find these little odd Biggers enchanting. I have some some antique porcelain dolls for repair, and other odds and ends, including a cool Rement Skeleton collection That live in a vintage tin doll house. (they need to get on the ball and decorate for Christmas!) Anyway, I am glad to be amongst other kindred spirits, where I don’t have to explain a thing!
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2021.12.02 13:04 throwaway36019 I regret learning Italian and Portuguese.

I regret learning Italian and Portuguese.
(I’m a native English speaker)
It’s not that I can’t speak the languages well. I can speak, write and read well enough (not perfect, but good enough.) Work was never the motivation because I was already learning them long ago. I started learning them for the sake of learning, though I must mention that I’m interested in Italian and Brazilian cultures. The problem is that after reaching an advanced level I realised that there is not much in the language that interests me.
I am a bookworm, so I mainly learn through reading. Italian and Portuguese books don’t interest me a lot. There are definitely some that are good, but not a whole lot. Even movies and TV shows, or podcasts, or any sort of material- not much interests me. This has DEFINITELY not been the case for Spanish, a foreign language that I speak fluently.
I am currently learning French now and Italian and Portuguese have helped quite a fair bit in vocabulary and grammatical structures. However, I still regret not learning French earlier because it has a huge global presence + I am actually finding A LOT of books, music, TV programmes etc. that interest me even at just an intermediate level.
I also regret putting off Russian to focus on Italian and Portuguese. Reasons are similar to those of French. I’m getting back on my feet right now and currently I’m learning both French and Russian.
I’m so lost, helpless and disoriented right now. I just screwed up my life.
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2021.12.02 13:04 Fast-Heinz Greece you always surprise me

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2021.12.02 13:04 Swello-Fello Life seems to pick people to have worse lives then others.

Recently i’ve noticed my physical health spiralling. This is painful for me for many reasons, literally and mentally.
I remember my very early childhood. I was five, and i’d been diagnosed with a liver disease called Autoimmune hepatitis. It’s a liver disease in which the bodies immune cells attack the liver, causing inflammation. I didn’t know at the time how much damage that’d cause me for the rest of my life.
Because of this illness many things in my life were messed up. I couldn’t socialise with other kids, I grew up believing I was born wrong, and the most painful- realising nobody understood how bad it effected me, not physically but mentally.
Five years old, sitting in a hospital room waving goodbye to my dad out the window as he drove away. Not understanding why no one was allowed to come into my room and see me. Wondering why my mum would look so happy in front of me and then go out late at night into the hallways and sob. I thought it was my fault. That I was the problem.
A few months later and I was out of the hospital. Reunited with my family. I was scared. My father would tell me how things would have to be now. “Don’t talk to other people, it’ll hurt you.”…”You’ll never be a normal kid, get used to it.”…”You didn’t tell me you were running out of pills. Don’t you understand i’m not made of money? Tell me sooner or you wont get anything.”
Blood tests every month,
Pills everyday.
And the feelings that I’d only be loved by my parents as long as they still had to care for me and my.. disease.
I grew faster then other kids and with odd proportion. My pills messed up my hormones. This made girls envious of me, and males crude. But I hated myself, I was made wrong and because of that was convinced no one liked me. I’d developed social problems. Fears I’d be judged for my looks, but even more afraid of being judged for nothing but being sick. The stigma.
By year 8, (13 years old) my bouts of depressive thinking reached its peak. My dosage of pills had doubled, i was having family problems and my grades and physical well-being had all decreased. It was then I’d gotten into the mindset of being disappointed everytime I woke up. Staying up for hours at night dreading the morning to come. I hated school, I hated my ‘home’, I hated everyone, But mostly I hated myself. Maybe if Id been born differently then things would be better?
I stopped taking my pills. Opening them up at night, pretending to have them then throwing them to the bottom of the bin. I was tired. I couldn’t do this anymore.
I wanted to stop everything, but after weeks something changed my mind. fear. I begun taking my pills every few days.
Year 10 (15 years old) I was surprised when I was invited for a liver biopsy in the city over. I went with my family, the dread of going into the hospital hit me. I’d never been okay with hospitals since my diagnosis. My heart beat was fast, my chest hurt, I felt like I couldn’t breath. My foot would tap crazily as my head would snap around to glance at the people all around me. The KIDS all around me. I didn’t want to see that, I didn’t need to see that. It hurt, they didnt deserve it, to be in such a horrible place. My mum hugged me, and smiled at me. It made me confused, why was she being so nice to me?
A day after the biopsy was finished we received a letter. The amount of immflamuation cells was low enough that I could stop taking pills. I was shocked, I was free. As cured as a chronic illness can go.
Im 16 now, and this year has been the best of my entire life. For months i’d subconsciously come out to the kitchen, reaching over the fridge for my pills, Then get confused at the lack of them. My relationships with people in general have heavily improved, my physical wellbeing has skyrocketed and i’ve found the ability to begin loving myself. I thought everything was going well.
But, i’ve begun feeling ill again. I don’t want to be like that anymore, I don’t wanna be that, me. And I’m scared. I’m so scared. My entire life, life had treated me unfairly. I had no beliefs in a god to help me, I don’t believe in them, what kinda ‘GOD’ would let children die? That was the question I asked as a sick child. Gods are cruel.
People don’t understand. Just how unfair life is. Sometimes, it’ll stay bad forever. Some people get luckier then others.
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2021.12.02 13:04 markliew Mystical Dreams of Ko...

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2021.12.02 13:04 Lynch1999 Manchester United Football New Manager

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2021.12.02 13:04 HurtlilHeart How do I forget him?

Sorry for long post.
My ex completely blind sided me a month ago. I thought we had started planning our future and he seemed on board until the day he just left me. He insisted that he wanted to remain friends with me so the first week after breaking up we were friends but acted like nothing had changed the only difference was that I had so much heartache and I couldn't tell him I loved him anymore. It was starting to be too painful so I started 30 days no contact. Now i'm on day 16 and i've been taking care of myself, making new friends + connections. I've been a lot more confident and happy with myself but I can't help but miss him. I can't help but wonder why.. what happened? Why did he just stop loving me? Why he doesn't think we're compatible when we very much are. He was the best friend i've ever had. We had amazing chemistry I thought I found my second half. I used to thank the world for giving me the best friend I could ever ask for because Its all I had ever wanted just for him to leave me so suddenly... Since starting no contact he has messaged me twice and liked most of my tweets. I'm trying to live my life without him but I miss my best friend so much I don't know what to do. I deleted twitter off my phone so I can't see his posts anymore but he still takes up my mind 24/7. I don't want to think about him anymore I want to move on and be happy.

Sidenote: We also sorta had mutual friends before/during our relationship that neither of us were super close to. At one point when we were together he mentioned to me that he wasn't sure if he wanted to remain contact w these people. Fast forward to after dumping me I told him I was gonna try to reconnect with these people and now all of a sudden he's responding to most of their social media posts and becoming closer to them then I possibly could. (My anxiety makes it hard for me to reach out to people and make friends which i've been working on)
He also posts A LOT more than before. He went from never posting on social media to nearly daily plus getting closer to our mutual friends which is extra annoying cuz he has a whole ass other friend group he could be talking to and now I feel like I cant talk to these mutual friends if he's there all the time and i'm trying to get over him... idk. How do I move on when my heart and soul tell me he's meant to be in my life but he doesn't love me anymore?
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2021.12.02 13:04 Thakkii Why can't i use advent calendar?

Im somewhat confuse here , they dont explain why too , just say You cant open this right now??
WHAT im i missing here?
Why this game is like this sometimes , last patch i couldn't play for days because they broke my client with some ERROR firewall sht now this i cant figure out what to do to use advent calendar????
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2021.12.02 13:04 CordialWorm3 OK ima admit, i love christopher larkin

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2021.12.02 13:04 ambercrombie8181 Well... am I?? f42

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2021.12.02 13:04 use4reddit Reece’s cup

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2021.12.02 13:04 ImperialZink Cecil PLD Glam (Amano inspired). Can't wait for the new armor next month! Let's go to the moon!

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2021.12.02 13:04 the_best_pear Telenor ringer meg hele tiden, hva skjer?

Jeg har den siste uken fått 6 anrop fra 91120564, som sier er Telenor. Har ikke svart på de, er ikke så glad i å svare ukjente nummer.
Men hva er det egentlig som skjer her? Hvis de er så desperate etter å kontakte meg, ville de ikke da også sendt epost/melding? Hvorfor vil de kontakte meg egentlig? Jeg har abbonement hos sponz, som da igjen bruker Telenor. Men er det faktisk Telenor som ringer?
Kan jeg fint blokkere nummeret kanskje?
Vurderer å svare neste gang de ringer da.
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2021.12.02 13:04 ScarletAllure On hold with less chance than firing into the thermal exhaust port to blow up the Deathstar than talk to a rep. The music stops. A long silent pause. You made it! A live person is about to answer. The music starts again and you are back to being told your call is very important to them.

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2021.12.02 13:04 melaninfairy IRRITATED

Okay, so i’m 21 my boyfriend is 26, i have a car and a license and he only has a permit , so I drive us everywhere, and I don’t mind because he helps pay for gas, get my car fixed, etc. But I simply asked him to help me pay my car note and he’s upset because I won’t let him drive it everywhere so he won’t help me pay for it.. he’s not on my insurance and he only has a permit, and he’s just learning to drive.. Also we live in cali! The drivers are crazy out here… like i think it’s pretty reasonable on why I won’t let him drive alone. But he says because I won’t let him drive it all the time he ain’t gonna help me… but i drive us everywhere; i drive us to work, school, entertainment, absolutely everywhere.. and he’s mad because he has to help me pay.. i’m only asking for 62 dollars. It’s making me so upset.. please help.
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2021.12.02 13:04 NekoTheAlien Help me be able to start my vlogchannel about mental health as well as be able to post on my toychannel again. All I need is this camera.

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2021.12.02 13:04 dontknowyas How bad is Christine’s fake crying?

This is not a pregnancy conspiracy post please mods if you like this just archive this post xx
But yeah when she talks about her delivery in the interview/confessionals and when they cut to when she has Amanza and Vanessa at her house it’s sooo bad 😭
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2021.12.02 13:04 Friendly_Return_5644 More Isla Fisher 🥰

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2021.12.02 13:04 lightsabler Feeling incompatible and uncomfortable - advice wanted

Hey everyone who's reading. I really appreciate your time. This is my first relationship, just had our 5 year anniversary last month. I am paying fully for our mortgage because I make good money, yet we also live with his mother and grandma. His mom has a TV downstairs in her living area, and we have no TV in our living room. The last 3 months, I've brought up buying a TV for the living room because I love to relax in front of the TV after work. He has his own office room that he gets all to himself. I am not close to his mother and feel uncomfortable asking her if I can watch something I want in her living area. I told him this, and he said that I need to get comfortable doing that because "she won't care."
I asked again yesterday if I can put a TV in the living room, he said "WHY, why do you keep asking? I do not want a TV in this room." He gave me 3 reasons: we'd have to move furniture, he would no longer want to spend time in that room, and that the noise would affect his work in his office. He insisted that I would feel more comfortable in the living room if we bought another chair to sit in. I said that our seating is not an issue, it's the lack of a TV in the room. He insisted on going to Ikea and picking out a chair together...
Does this sound absolutely crazy? I almost broke up with him in Ikea. I'm paying for everything, I have made so many compromises to make his family feel comfortable. I have put myself last for too long and am so sick of it. I really need input.
Tldr; fiancee refuses to let me get a TV, even though I pay for everything.
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2021.12.02 13:04 Sunshine1056 Is it dangerous if my hamster accidentally swallows Reptisand (calcium-free)?

Maple’s water bowl is pretty far away from her sand bath (and is on a slightly raised box) but for some reason she keeps getting a bit of sand in it practically every time she drinks! This just started happening a month or so ago. Prior to then, she never got sand in her bowl. No idea why this is happening all of a sudden but I can’t clean her bowl every hour (she’s diabetic and drinks very frequently).
I already rinse it out and put fresh water in it at least twice a day (in the morning and evening) but literally every time she drinks she gets sand in it somehow. So, there are times when there is likely sand in there when she drinks. How dangerous is it if she accidentally consumes a bit? There’s never a substantial amount in the bowl and it looks like most of it falls to the bottom.
Also, any ideas on how I can stop her from getting sand in it? I can’t switch back to water bottles because those give me a lot of anxiety. I’ve never had success with them. They either stopped working completely or leaked.
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