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New Lily 2022 Lets go Girlboss

2022.01.18 03:54 LilyDailyDraw New Lily 2022 Lets go Girlboss

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2022.01.18 03:54 ballsballs0987654321 33 Warnburn Street

No one really knew why the house was there. Even me, a realtor for the neighborhood it resided in. Nobody had ever bought the house or entered it. The windows were seemingly tinted a dark black, giving an uneasy feeling upon viewing them. It was unsettling, but it was just a fact of life. A quiet and mundane, yet eerily present building that perfectly matched the mandated design for every other house in this quiet and mundane neighborhood. It sat at the end of the only culdesac in the neighborhood, adjacent to a dying citrus grove. The invasive Citrus Longhorn Beetles had been a problem in Florida for a couple of years now, making its way through our grove not some three weeks ago. It's amazing how fast a couple of bugs can turn life into decay and sludge. The reason I am writing this is not that I want to tell you about invasive beetles eating some trees, it's that house, sort of.
I don't remember the day it started. It could have been around when the beetles came, or it could have been a month prior or even half a year. I really just do not remember. Dreams. It started as a dream every now and then. The first dreams were about, well, dirt. The dirt that the house quietly resided on. I don't want to sound crazy when I say this but the dirt was..... how do put this.... screaming? Not like a group of people taking their time to collectively yell into the sky for the purpose of making noise, no, it was different. It lacked any coherent form of speech, direction, language, or tongue. It felt like I was stuck in the dirt with the noise. Flashing colors and deafening screeching. It sounded like hell itself has just opened its maw and presented itself to me. The earth caked around my body and I could feel the bellowing thumping through my body, disrupting my heart rate and causing it to palpitate.
I awoke drenched in my own sweat and stench, my heart pounding faster than it ever had in my life. I remember the first time it happened so vividly, waking from my nightmare and being suddenly relieved to find it was just that; a dream. I had gotten up to take a shower and clean myself up, and about halfway through rinsing my body, realized that the sound had not fully stopped. The moaning and throaty cries still bounced around my eardrums.
This became a trend. I rarely had moments of peace and quiet, somewhat like a form of pesky tinnitus that wanted to stay longer than its nonexistent invitation. Eventually, the voices became somewhat understandable. Not that it ever became coherent speech, but I understood what it meant now. The dirt was simply dancing. It violently thrashed itself into its brethren and ignited the silence into explosive noise around it. I know this is becoming less and less believable, but I wouldn't say it if it weren't true. I knew exactly what it wanted me to do. It wanted me to join it. It wanted me to dance with it.
I had trouble coming to terms with it when I first learned this. My work life struggled greatly. Trying to sell houses in a neighborhood that you were convinced was talking to you and telling you to dance is not an easy task. I often found myself jittery and unable to focus. Moving my body around helped ease this shaky feeling to an extent, even if that just meant bouncing my knee up and down while discussing furnishing options with a potential buyer.
My compulsions to move became worse along with the dreams. The dreams were getting really bad. They lost all theme other than the incessant screaming and wailing of the ground beneath the house. I had dreams of silent black arms grabbing me through corners and pulling me beneath the earth. Dreams of giant moonlike faces with unspeakably large mouths screaming at the earth and making me join in the cacophony. Dreams of the stars being blown out. From each waking nightmare, I pulled myself out of the more I felt the need to move. My shoulders began to bounce. Then my neck began with a tic, looking like I was trying to crack it every 5 seconds. My head began to bob and my feet began to shift and move. I began to dance.
I'm not insane. I don't want to constantly be bouncing around like some sort of special-needs child. I am a grown fucking man with a stable job and a generally happy life and I do not know why this started and why it refuses to cease. I cannot understate how much this has disrupted my life. I cannot communicate with people well. I cannot convince customers to buy anymore. My boss has given me paid leave to figure out what the fuck has happened to me. Keeping food down has become a chore, with my constant bobbing and shifting making my body want to regurgitate. I dry heave often. Even just shitting is almost impossible at this point as I cannot stay on the toilet.
The dream I had two weeks ago was by far the worst of them all. I was inside of a pig that was squealing and shrieking. The mud that it stood on screamed right back, trying to outmatch the poor animal. The pig must have been the size of a large cow because my entire body fit inside of it. My arms and legs fit into grooves within its body, almost as if the pig had a human-shaped mold inside of it. Its intestinal tract was strung through my mouth and combined with my digestive system. My eyes opened into a wall of meat with a feint thumping that must have been the heart. I screamed and gagged on the organs stuck in my throat. I screamed and screamed and screamed. Every squeal and movement from the pig, every futile attempt to bite it and kill it from the inside, every futile attempt to vomit. I felt it all. I awoke, emptying my stomach more than I knew was even possible. Sitting upright in bed, shaking and twitching, covered in my own bile, I contemplated taking my own life. Then I heard it. Or, I didn't hear it I should say. The screaming of the dirt just stopped. My body stopped moving and I began to cry of relief. I could finally walk straight, eat food, I could finally just take a shit.
The silence lasted no longer than 6 days. When the noise returned, it wasn't the nauseating screaming and beating that threatened to stop my very heart, no. It was softer and almost motherly. The dirt had deemed me the chosen one. I was to join the dirt and dance with them. This is what it told me. I no longer felt tired or scared or angry with the voices. I felt close to them. I found myself not wanting to go back to normal. They told me to visit the dirt, and I obliged. I went to the house on Warnburn street and sat in front of it, just observing. If I was close enough, I could actually communicate with the dirt from here. He and I spoke of jittering and dancing and stars and suns. He thrummed and purred for me to join him and his children. Some god of mud and muck or merely the ramblings of an overactive mind, I still do not know, but it didn't matter. I wanted to be with him. I began to take buckets of dirt and grass from the plot on Warnburn and took them back home. He told me the first step to joining them was to acquaint myself with the earth, feel it, and become one with it. I brewed dirt tea, I rubbed it into my pores, and I poured it under my duvet and slept with it.
I became a better dancer. With the dirt on my skin, my movements became more and more refined. I was stronger than I had ever been, I was faster than I've ever been. On day 3 of drinking the dirt tea, I floated for the first time. Not like my entire body or anything, that would be crazy, just my hand I mean. I was sitting down at the table looking at my dirt when my wrist slowly just ascended into the air. It wasn't a conscious movement, but it felt very natural and almost comforting. It vibrated and hummed before falling back to the table. The whispers became excited after this event, congratulating me and booming with happiness amongst themselves like proud parents.
By day 9 of drinking the dirt tea, I could finally walk on the walls. I knew this would happen, as the dirt told me it would. They said this was the last step before I would become officially ready to join them underground. My last night in my own bed left me feeling very impatient. I pondered upon what was happening in my life. Did I even miss my job? No, not really. Did the government shutting off my electricity affect me negatively? Not at all. The dirt was louder in the dark. It had served me better than any human I had met in my entire life. I loved dirt. I was dirt. I am dirt. I have probably always been dirt. It was about time I found my kind and joined them in communion underground.
It was finally time. The whispers were strong this morning, laughing and parading their way through my home along with me as I stepped outside of the house for the last time. I looked back at my fake home, my past, with nothing other than disdain and disgust. How could I have ever lived in such a repugnant home with such an abhorrent human life? I looked down the block to 33 Warnburn Street, my real home, and felt nothing but happiness and completeness. Neighbors looked at me as if I were crazy while I skipped down the street, skin caked in dirt, whistling happily to myself. They would never understand. They could never understand. Only me. I passed their tests and I was the chosen one. My shoes clacked upon the brick stairs as I made myself towards the front door, whispers growing into clear voices. I jittered not from the dirt's command, but my own excitedness. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning, walking over to the dark side window and peering inside.
There they were! The dirt prophets! Small, elfish-looking things. No taller than a toddler, their skin was completely grey and wrinkly. Their teardrop-shaped heads looked comical when combined with their short, chubby stature. Their faces consisted of dozens of little, dark holes with dirt particles occasionally falling out of them onto the floor. There must have been hundreds, dancing and singing in unison. They danced in patterns and circles. On the walls and on the ceiling. My face lit up watching them display to me. The music grew faster and faster, along with their dances and feverish movements. They snaked throughout the house, their sheer speed causing vivid, colorful hallucinations. I enjoyed the visions before knocking on the window and they all stopped, jerking their heads towards my direction. I smiled and motioned over to the door. Hearing it click, I stepped inside. It smelled just like dirt; just like my home! Almost no light existed in here, say for a small, dimly lit lamp that was in the back upon the marble countertop. The prophets no longer showed themselves to me. It was silent, but I could still understand their message. They told me to sit in a corner and close my eyes. I took a deep breath and shuffled over to the corner adjacent to where I entered.
I sighed, taking in my surroundings one last time. I could sense the dirt anxiously awaiting my arrival beneath the dusty hardwood floor. I admired the beautiful opera of the rock and dirt for what felt like hours. They sounded so beautiful.
It was time. I was ready. They needed me.
Closing my eyes one last time, the midnight arms from my dreams softly gripped onto my arms and legs and shoulders and neck and forcibly sunk me through the corner and into my true home as my body jerked and danced with violent grace. My heaven had finally arrived, my rightful place in this universe, my love, my home; the screaming dancing dirt.
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2022.01.18 03:54 ImABigWeenus Do you guys have a song that changed/saved your life?

When I was going through a rough time, The Love You Let Too Close by Thousand Below was a song that hit hard. The line "The pain in your heart, now it lives in your mother's eyes" woke me up if I ever had a thought of doing something stupid. It snapped me back to reality. It was a song that I used as a crutch for a little while during those rougher times. Do you guys have that goto song that helps you through the rougher times in life? Link 'em below
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2022.01.18 03:54 LittleDeerDragonfly 23 F West Yorkshire, England - Friendship Application

I have came to the sudden realisation I have 1-2 people who I talk to daily and I would like to expand that. I feel the needs to mention, by all means I am not saying having more friends is better, this is just what suits me right now.

Personality traits:
So, what can I offer?
What you will offer:
You tell me! Perhaps this is something you could tell me? Or not, I can’t tell you what to do… though I will add that I feel a lot of my past friendships have been quite shallow or one-sided so I’m looking for the equal amount of effort put in and preferably something long-term. It’s a plus if you live nearby but I’m not expecting people to live just around the corner.
I hope to hear from you and if not, I hope you find what you’re looking for!
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2022.01.18 03:54 hubsicle Day 8 on the patch

Hello- I’m having some trouble sleeping and made this post. I’m having a lot of success so far- but tonight I wish I was smoking. Cravings up until right now have been minimal, but earlier a friend smoked a lot around me. I do miss a lot of things about it.
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2022.01.18 03:54 Advanced-Net-5022 WAKANDA theme for February

If anyone looking to help. I was hoping if anyone can design or come up with an Wakanda theme tattoo, that doesn't include the the black panther himself, I can get for BHM. This includes tribal patterns, artifacts or anything related. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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2022.01.18 03:54 Heelfee Took this photo at Stonehaven’s castle some years ago.

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2022.01.18 03:54 Stocktipster $CEMI. BlackRock Owns 5.9%.

I assume they will continue to add at the current depressed price.
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2022.01.18 03:54 tytufts22 What is the film acceptance rate at ryerson?

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2022.01.18 03:54 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Russell Westbrook, Stanley Johnson spark Lakers' defeat of Jazz | LA Times

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2022.01.18 03:54 Hoskuld Was spielen Frösche auf der LAN Party?

Quack 3
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2022.01.18 03:54 BESS667 First Full Moon of the year! [Olympus M10 Mark IV and Olympus 40-150mm R. ISO 200, F/8 1/320]

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2022.01.18 03:54 Dr_Realities Do people have darkrai?

I’m wondering if it’s going to be released and if some people have him?
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2022.01.18 03:54 Stokish New Epix finally on garmin website

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2022.01.18 03:54 Elsy8 The oldest koala ever recorded. Once a regular at the volunteer based Koala Hospital in Port Macquarie (Aus).

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