Does DPI affects accuracy and aim and should I change it?

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2022.01.18 04:43 Fr0st1718 Does DPI affects accuracy and aim and should I change it?

Ever since I started playing CSGO back in 2014 I have always played at 400 DPI. Don’t really know the exact reason, it’s a mix of some YouTuber telling me to, only having 400 DPI as a viable option, and wasn’t able to use higher DPI on windows. Currently, I have a wide range of games I play or at least would play, mostly competitive games. I would usually stick with 400 DPI and increase my in game sensitivity since I have always thought that 400 DPI at 2 sensitivity is exactly the same as 800 DPI at 1. Heard that in this day and age it’s not the case anymore. I kind of just stuck with it and had no issue since I’m so used to 400. My main game right now is league of legends, while playing FPS games like valorant, overwatch, and Warzone. Thoughts about changing my DPI is from league, since keeping it at 50-55 in game sense at 400 DPI is way to slow for me especially since I’m not constantly play games anymore like I’m used too. I have always used razer deathadders, and I’m currently using the Razer deathadder V2. I just learned after 7+ years of not knowing you can set different profiles for different games with synapse. Before I couldn’t be bothered to change profiles in the app or the profile button at the bottom so I kept it at 400 DPI. Now I am thinking of changing my DPI for specifically league but since I might want to just change all my games to a higher DPI cause I never heard of anyone playing at 400 anymore. What is the impact of higher vs lower DPI and is it even worth changing if I’m so used to it?
My current setups I assume is needed:
MSI 144hz monitor Razer Deathadder V2 Razer bungee Zowie GSR Corsair K70 mk.2 low profile (mouse connected to USB port on it)
Feel free to have insight on my setup if there’s anything that needs changing too.
Also, was planning on buying a huge extended mouse pad to put underneath my keyboard and main mouse pad. Reasonings for this are I want my keyboard to stop sliding since I keep it at angle. Also playing with my arm on my desk so my mouse placement is near the top and the inconsistency with arm either rubbing against the desk or mousepad bothers me. It also looks cool and I have seen people double up mousepads before.
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2022.01.18 04:43 SinoBot Former Singaporean diplomat revealed the UK had planted intelligence officers inside Huawei

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Little bit more in depth to the abuse theory, it would either be novice abuse (for theory) or new information abuse
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2022.01.18 04:43 cheetosintolerant What’s a thing in everyday life that annoys you? Something that does not yet have an invented solution or a solution that’s irritating?

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2022.01.18 04:43 WestMedia8683 Y’all ever…..

Sleep so damn good you hear your alarm in your dream and vibe?
Wake up to the thunderous alarm going off?
You realizing you’re two hours late for your shift?
No just me?
Walking in is going to be interesting.
Too bad it’s not hump day.
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2022.01.18 04:43 teelo14 How to fully replace old coolant in car in winter?

I’m wanting to replace the old coolant in my car, and I’ve seen tutorials where they flush the coolant by adding distilled water, and they repeat the process a few times to try and fully flush out the old coolant. Then they will add 100% concentrate coolant to try and get the correct ratio (now that the coolant system is now mainly water), but my issue is that it’s winter and below freezing and I’d imagine doing this would cause freezing which I’m assuming could be very bad. Any ideas what I should do?
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2022.01.18 04:43 ImSayingImBatman Looking for Assyrian Property Manager or RE Agent in CHI

I'm looking into real estate in Chicago, or IL in general based on the recommendations of someone who knows the area well. I'd like to find a property manager with a sense of the locations and real estate experience to fill me in. I haven't lived in Chicago since I was a kid. I currently live in AZ, which has become so popular that I've essentially been priced out of most of the decent area markets.
Primarily, I'm looking at pricing for multi-family units, which seems low in comparison to AZ. But low typically means there's a reason behind it. If anyone could PM me who'd like to chat or can recommend someone to me, it'd be greatly appreciated.
Baseema raba!
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Specialist is a position I am currently headed for but I have no idea what it actually is neither does my store as it hasn’t had one in several years
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2022.01.18 04:43 fishmama2000 Sauces smell like ammonia?

Title basically says it all. I got Covid 7 Days ago (had a very mild case) and on day 6 I was tested negative and was fully recovered. Except that any sauce I smell smells like ammonia. I maintained my taste and smell normally throughout the entire time I was positive, so it really tripped me out that all of a sudden sauces smell TERRIBLE. I tried a variety of sauces from different places AND from my own kitchen, and they all have that same chemical smell. Any advice on getting rid of it? It’s pretty bad.
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