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Jazz Dance

2022.01.18 04:41 vmcards17 Jazz Dance

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2022.01.18 04:41 Guilty_Resident9714 Anyone got advice on how to improve oil painting?

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2022.01.18 04:41 nobag487 Why are GJ and Gold so popular?

It seems like most of the online trading community favour these pairs (I don't have any data for this mind you). I wondered what it is about them that people are drawn to compared to others like UJ or EJ for example?
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2022.01.18 04:41 aspiranteincelliere L'autore di Dilbert è sbroccato malamente

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2022.01.18 04:41 RealHeron4873 Does all kpop members have plastic surgeries ?

I know this is very retarded question but i wanted to know , is really plastic surgery really common in kpop ?
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2022.01.18 04:41 DISANews Chinese lender to issue bonds for M&A in cash-strapped property sector

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2022.01.18 04:41 Informal_Aioli_8902 $$FALCONS | FalconSwaps - DeFi AMM+NFT exchange | Swap with lower fees | Airdrops for owners | Profitable Staking on BSC | Listed on CG/CMC and Kucoin | Own Metaverse in development | Deflation token | LP Locked | Yield Farming | Own NFT platform | Massive Marketing

FalconSwaps is an AMM+NFT decentralized exchange on BSC, providing a friendlier trading experience and better product support.

The main goal of FalconSwaps is to allow users to access financial products more securely directly on a DeFi blockchain network and cut out intermediaries.

Use FalconSwaps:

Token Swaps - low-fee token exchange on a decentralized platform

Liquidity Pools - earn passive earn by providing liquidity

Yield Farming - stake LP-tokens & earn $$FALCONS

Pools - stake $$FALCONS , earn free tokens

Own NFT ecosystem, with ability to trade and collect NFTs of different rarity level, & put your NFT into staking and earn passive income.

Own Metaverse - in development

Native token platform - $$FALCONS , based on Binance Smart Chain
Token Adress(BEP20): 0xb139ed26b743c7254a246cf91eb594d097238524
Total supply - 1 000 000 000 tokens
Deflationary token (automatic burn and limited supply)
LP Locked
Listed on CMC, CG, Kucoin
Airdrops for hodlers
Massive PR


Learn more - falconswaps dot com
Chat - telegram falconsofficia
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2022.01.18 04:41 przemkis How To Talk To Strangers: (15 Ridiculously Useful Strategies)

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2022.01.18 04:41 Secure_Ad4191 no fap

i tried no fap and quit smoking since 6 monthes with many relapes ...now i feel like mad..when i feel it i relapse with fear but,,same problem backing ..i face 'day7' benifit on day 4.. on day 7 my eyes open big but but no focus...what to do now ..?
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2022.01.18 04:41 nexcorp Offshore Java Development: What are the benefits?

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2022.01.18 04:41 crytoloover Uniswap price to rally 20% as UNI takes another jab at massive resistance barrier

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2022.01.18 04:41 supremensneakers ILPT Request: Instacart ordering alcohol to an apartment underage?

I live in a massive apartment building in a college town. How can I instacart some booze to my place without being rejected? Can I just store a buddy’s ID on the app or have the delivery driver scan that upon delivery?
Thanks, never tried this before.
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2022.01.18 04:41 Destiny_Ocean I just noticed

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2022.01.18 04:41 DISANews European new car sales down 1.5% in 2021 - ACEA

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2022.01.18 04:41 likebudda EARTHQUAKE!

Felt @11:39p
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2022.01.18 04:41 GrandPatient5386 How to stay safe while meeting someone on Craigslist?

Hello to all! I made a post here before and I’m seeking advice again but for safety reasons. As you seen from the title I am meeting someone from Craigslist to adopt a kitten, it might be one of the worst things I have done or not, I’m just really concerned and scared. I feel this way because I’m entering someone’s house and I don’t know this person at all. They do seem nice but judging a person before knowing them never goes well. I just really need advice on how to stay safe cause I meet this person tomorrow, I saw their area too and it’s a empty front yard but the houses around them look sorta similar. I don’t know if judging the area helps my safety so that’s why I’m in need of advice. I also want to mention I will be going with a trusted family member so I don’t know if that helps any bit, I just don’t want to risk my life over a pet. I did try shelters and many other places, they didn’t have the pet I was looking for and put me on a long wait, that’s why my last option (like very last) was Craigslist!
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2022.01.18 04:41 Dronelovergaya FlytBase to host virtual summit on drone autonomy

If you’re into drone-in-a-box technology, beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operations, and all things drone automation, you’re going to want to mark February 22 in your calendar. Enterprise drone automation software specialist FlytBase is putting together an online conference called NestGen where it will discuss and share the latest developments in the drone autonomy space.
Register for the Conference at https://nestgen.flytnow.com/
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2022.01.18 04:41 dkdk1414 Anyone had this problem before?

My monitor randomly developed a vertical line of pixels that are gray. Is there any way to fix this?
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2022.01.18 04:41 sid_martonn [For Hire] Portrait & Full body stylized

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2022.01.18 04:41 whatisitaboutmusic Specializing after 2 years of 'everything'

I am someone that completed a bootcamp, love programming and very excited about it. I am now in year 2 of my first job, where I guess I grew from junior to medior. But I am slowly feeling a strong need to specialize. I have gotten this advice from some senior developers, but I also just feel it myself. I want to be able to be the go-to-guy for subject X. Problem is I am not convinced of a direction. But still I know I should. I have an aesthetic eye and love to make things look nice, but I also love data sciency projects. During my job, I do backend, frontend, data visualisation, weird prototypes involving proxies and whatever.
TLDR: how do you specialize when you are not sure about a direction?
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2022.01.18 04:41 VV3nd1g0 Auriels Shield not working as intended.

So basically what it says on the tin.
Auriels Shield wont do the discharge effect on powerbashes.
The only mods which I am currently running which could affect it in any way (because the others are just texturemods, Vampire/Werewolf Overhaul, Followers etc. basically no mods that alter the basegame in any meaningful way for weaponbehavior) are these:
-Cutting room floor -Static Mesh improvements -USSEP -SPERG (tested without sperg) -Joy of Perspective -True Directional Movements -Dynamic Animation Replacer -Animation Motion Revolution -JH Combat Animation -Shields of Skyrim (Tested it without so that should be fine) -TK Dodge -Hand to Hand unarming blocking animation (tested without) -FlinchingSSE -Legendary Artifacts (tested without) -Imperious (using a Nord) -Andromeda (currently using Warrior and Steed Stone via aetherium crown) -Nemesis and used all patches which were needed.
I am currently using a backpatched version of Skyrim SE (1.5X) and have all requirements of these mods. The right versions obviously.
The discharge is possible to do but it looks more than buggy and thats only do-able under really strange circumstances:
-Have no stamina and be in regen lockout (The Stamina bar blinks green and you get a longer time till stamina recharges) -Spam regular bash. After like 2-3 bashes it will do another one instantly with the energyblast like 1 second later. It looks like the doubleattack bug certain animationmods have
-Safe/quit the game and after reload you can do a regular bash (which is doubled again) to release the wave.
another way is to change the interior cell in which case it does the same as restarting the game. Simply waiting wont work
It seems to be some conflict between mods (which MO2 wont/cant tell me about).
Did anyone come across this bug and has an idea what could have done this? The game is overwise pretty bugfree and stable
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2022.01.18 04:41 Foad087 Near

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2022.01.18 04:41 8ye0et8 LF pokerus FT any breedable Pokemon hiny stone dusk stone dawn stone metal coat

Any pokemon with pokerus doesn't matter to me
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2022.01.18 04:41 hellraizer568 new keyboard just arrived

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2022.01.18 04:41 Floor-Proof La patente italiana tra le migliori del mondo. Ecco perchè

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