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Flexible 😉

2022.01.18 05:20 Tight_Commission1857 Flexible 😉

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2022.01.18 05:20 kopfu_ video tdr failure atikmpag.sys

i had problem with my gpu it bsod then restart automatically any suggestions or any help i tried everything
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2022.01.18 05:20 Particular-Smile-922 Who do you want to Win the royal rumble

View Poll
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2022.01.18 05:20 GlenGrunt Smoothness is a priority

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2022.01.18 05:20 Divyesh_Subash Notification not really Working

Notification not really Working
I Muted + Turn Off Notif ( i Still got @ everyone mention )
Is there a way to Disable the Red Bot Mention for a specific Channel ? Or could it be the Mute Overides
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2022.01.18 05:20 Arnadus [PROM] Prometeus. Price ↘ -11.29% in 1 hour

[PROM] Prometeus. Price ↘ -11.29% in 1 hour Discovered by TOP_250_1_HOUR_DOWN submitted by Arnadus to cryptopricesalerts [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 05:20 Auxillis This blows my mind as a auto tech.

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2022.01.18 05:20 327zippo Psychology and mental disorders are just necromancy, demonology and alchemy.

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2022.01.18 05:19 turntechedGodheads Going to bed

Had a nice day, watched a show I liked called the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. I got a little stressed and cranky near the end of it, but overall a nice day. Goodnight and sleep well if anyone's reading this.
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2022.01.18 05:19 compendiumcomua Левофлоксацин питання та відповіді

Левофлоксацин питання та відповіді
Левофлоксацин питання та відповіді
#Левофлоксацин — популярний антибактеріальний препарат, який широко застосовується при #інфекційних #захворюваннях, що викликані #бактеріями (як грампозитивними, так і грамнегативними) або атиповими мікроорганізмами (хламідія, мікоплазма, уреаплазма, легіонела).
Щоб, прочитати статтю переходьте за посиланням:
👉 https://facebook.com/pg/compendium.com.ua/posts
#compendium #Компендіум #Компендиум
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2022.01.18 05:19 sky-xix Poly thin skin system in india

Any idea where I can get my hands on some good poly thin skin system in India? Or any other ones with low density
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2022.01.18 05:19 Ok-Coconut-107 yse

giev karme or alse i will be no
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2022.01.18 05:19 no_u9987 Feeling paraoud say sena

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2022.01.18 05:19 TheSpeculator21 The boa head.

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2022.01.18 05:19 pythondrink I summoned u/profanitycounter

Since it doesn't work in this sub, I summoned it on my profile
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2022.01.18 05:19 niuz-bot Digi24 BILD: Trenurile siberiene sunt pline de soldați și tancuri ale armatei ruse care se deplasează spre granița cu Ucraina - [Actualitate][Esențial]

Armata Rusiei s-a pus în mișcare. În aprilie și, din nou, în octombrie 2021, Kremlinul și-a deplasat mai mult de 100.000 de soldați din districtele militare de sud, vest, nord și centru către granița cu Ucraina. Acum, militarii așteaptă noi ordine din partea lui Vladimir Putin în tabere uriașe de la marginea graniței ruso-ucrainene și în Crimeea, peninsula ucraineană ocupată de ruși, scrie BILD.
Citeste in continuare: https://www.digi24.ro/stiri/externe/rusia/bild-trenurile-siberiene-sunt-pline-de-soldati-si-tancuri-ale-armatei-ruse-care-se-deplaseaza-spre-granita-cu-ucraina-1805729
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2022.01.18 05:19 mikro_do [GEAR] Which string gauge for custom tuning?

I own a 7 string multiscale (25.5" - 27") guitar from Harley Benton. It's nothing special, but it was pretty cheap and good enough for me :)
However, I hardly to covers at all. I mainly write/play my own riffs and therefore I experimented with custom tunings. I had a lot of fun with a "double drop" tuning, with the 6th string tuned down to D2 (like 6 string drop D) and the 7th another 7 steps lower to G1. But with the factory default strings, its way to wobbly on the lower strings. So I need new strings, but I want the whole guitar 2 more steps tuned down (because Djent) to get a tuning like this:
F1 - C2 - G2 - C3 - F3 - A3 - D4
So I think its obvious that I need a whole set of new strings. But so far I am not sure with gauge to use. I used a string tension calculator, but I am not sure which tension I should aim for.
When I take the factory default strings (D'Addario 10-59) and check the tension for standard tuning, I got a range from 15.74 lbs (B3) to 23.10 lbs (A2), but 19.53 lbs again on the lowest string (B1).
So should I aim for about 16 lbs on the 3 higher strings and about 20 lbs for the 4 lower strings? Or 20 lbs for every string? What are your recommendations? I am willed to buy 7 single strings, giving me a perfect tension rather, than a set.
Thank you guys in advance :)
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2022.01.18 05:19 trin6948 my 2yo wanted a pic of her 'wand', she is going to be just fine!

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2022.01.18 05:19 dodogg87 Can this work for a year or two?

I can get a MSI trident for 300€. It have a i5 6400, a 1060 3gb and 8gb of ram.
I only play in full hd at Assetto corsa, skyrim, csgo, gta5, fall guys and some other indies. If i got it i add 8 gb of ram.
Now i have an i3 8100, hd7850 2gb and 16gb of ram and i have to run assetto corsa at 720p.
I know its not much but today price of gpus are too high.
When i can afford a new pc i give this one to my son.
What do you think? Yes or not?
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2022.01.18 05:19 UrButtLmfaoooo Decided to play bloodborne in preparation for elden ring…

And holy fuck is it the most frustrating thing i have ever played. But at the same time it’s the most intriguing and fun game i have every played. I was literally stuck on the cleric beast for a solid 3/4 hours. And boy oh boy when i tell you the pure joy i felt when killing that fucker… i felt invincible.
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2022.01.18 05:19 iamcalifw 💲 MetaShiba - Just FairLaunched and we are flying 🚀 Renounced Ownership - GEM x1000 moonshot | LP Locked 1 year 💲

TG: https://t.me/metashiba_group
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🚀 Buy On Pancakeswap - https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x4fa38769146e05d2e098ce7969ef1312bc11e337
💥 CONTRACT : 0x4fa38769146e05d2e098ce7969ef1312bc11e337
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2022.01.18 05:19 HamalDai Construction license price

Can anyone tell me, C ko / D ko construction ko license second hand kati jati parcha hola?
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2022.01.18 05:19 mfahsr Tell the E.U. what you think about taildocking, Deadline 21st Jan

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2022.01.18 05:19 CryAdministrative667 Watch "Rodneys Beats" on YouTube

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2022.01.18 05:19 user34668 hat

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